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  1. We started to get this situation not 1 time. We runing boss arenas/asensions and "good PVE players" who see any boss dinos moves, sneaking around and jumping portal in last few sekonds. They allwais have chanse to port arena instread our player and ruine us boss run or steal tekgrams. Is here any chanse/reason to official report this players on PVE?
  2. Ping bug on NA servers

    Hellow all, i got real ping 255 on NA Center 56 and NA SE 55, im playing this 2 servers sinse they was added and allwais ping was ok for me 70-100+-, but some time ago im starting to get very big ping like 255 when i join only this 2 servers, game show me ping 70-100 ping every time(when i look server info), but real ping in game 255, and playing here finaly unplaybe and i cant find this servers in server list most of time, on others servers which im playing(NA rag 195 for example) all working very good. I know not only me got same problem, and i hope here i found any "fix" of this problem without leaving this 2 servers
  3. Unable to Transfer Character 279.242

    transfer items working, but cant transfer char like others
  4. Killed Alpha Leedsichthys 2 times, with x-bow and tuso, both time nothing dropped to inventory and body was empty(no skin, no trophy)... oficial pve 283 server