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  1. so playing ragnarok. i killed myself with my poison wyvern breath because rhino got close and cloud hit me. respawn at random sleeping bag i laid down near where i was building base. fly back over to wyvern and body. body is naked and i search empty. check wyvern it has everything i had in inventory except no gear and hotbar items. notice im wearing my ghillie gloves. so somehow i respawned still wearing my armor but every item i had in my hot bar has completely disappeared from game. not my first time dying but def my first time items have been completely gone from hot bar and how did i respawn wearing my armor?
  2. KeeLo

    PVE 24/7 Ragnarok Server

    servers down! is it going back up?
  3. This server was fun although tha title is misleading. It is not PVE as i know first hand by logging on only to have everything of value taken from me while i was logged off. In fact if you wouldve asked me 2 days ago i wouldve said my only regret was not joining sooner. Craziest part of tha whole thing is they actually have tek reward bundles that i was going to purchase on friday because i figured i finally found a server i could call home and might as well invest. I enjoyed playing with a handful of other survivors, tha majority of whom i came across were helpful and polite, but whomever it was that stripped me of all my belongings, you win, im not gonna spend hours upon hours grinding just to lose all my stuff. It isnt possible that Offline protection is on because i logged on to all my weapons and armor taken off my body. I didnt lock my storages so i could see tha easy acces to that but for my body to be bare something aint right with tha situation.
  4. KeeLo

    Cactus Sap

    Cactus sap does not quench thirst on Ragnarok map. Is it suppose to? Its says it is in description but water level doesnt rise at all
  5. any fix? happening to me right now
  6. Dont get me wrong 4 hours in i was having a great time but then while i was minding my business building i get picked up by a griffin and dropped to my death. i go back to where i was building and his other tribe mate does tha same exact thing only emptying my body so when i got to it it was bare. i was looking to play pve not having to worry about a griffin picking me up and dropping me to my death
  7. KeeLo


    Aside from tha hiccups on wildcards part this server is great. A mature group with no trolls and a helpful community. An all around great experience while playing Ark. Boosted enough for a single player to survive yet still challenging where death is almost certain. I recommend it to anyone looking for an enjoyable PVE experience.
  8. server has trolls who pick you up with their griffin and drop you til you die. Then empty your body so when you finally make it back to bag its empty.
  9. KeeLo


    somehow my friend request was accepted but no info on server and no reply. hmmmmm
  10. KeeLo

    Steam ARK Price Raises

    If you purchase this game for 60 dollars you are a FOOL. Wait for release and then give my assessment sure sounds like a plausible way of reacting but that's exactly the point im getting at unless they are working with magic this game will not be worth 60 in a months time. There are way to many problems and i feel they put their foot in their mouth by having it be what they would call "complete" by whatever the August release date is. Its kinda hard to push that date back now like they do with every update so im curious because if whats in the patch notes from now til then and make this game complete again let me re-phrase what i was saying "YOURE A FOOL TO SPEND 60 DOLLARS ON ARK"
  11. KeeLo

    Steam ARK Price Raises

    If you ask me i cant see them having a complete game that would be worth 60 dollars by August. Ive been playing for awhile and aside from minor improvements and new dinos, every update has made the game worse. I just cant understand how you are suppose to be doing these things to drastically improve your game yet in reality it only makes it worse. Sure i understand that this game should have only been released on computer but the fact that wildcard seen a lucrative opportunity going to consoles i cant be mad at em. However with the delay in updates and the game basically unplayable how do they expect for consumers to spend 60 and be satisfied? I mean they couldnt even get Ragnarok out by the 4th how is it even possible for them to make the appropriate changes to have this game complete in 1 month? Its not possible and if you dont own this game yet id wait til December when they realize they will not get 60 for it and it goes on sale. Graphics on at least 30 different species of dinos are completely broken and i mean COMPLETELY and them are the only ones i came across before i became to frustrated to even play. I understand this is just me ranting and that it is basically pointless but ONE THING THAT IS CERTAIN ARK IS NO WHERE NEAR A POSITION TO BE SOLD FOR 60 DOLLARS.
  12. Every time i repair my flak helmet it continuously repairs the same helmet until all my metal ingots are gone. All other armor repairs fine but flak helmet you better only put the amount of ingots it costs or else it drains them all.
  13. So as i fly thru redwoods looking for bee hives i am suddenly bum rushed by a thylacoleo. Knocking me off my mount, i quickly equip my sword and get to chasing him because he has my argy in his claws dragging it around. Being careful not to hit my argy i start hacking on the thyla's back as it proceeds to attack my bird. Finally on the top of the screen it notifies me that i have killed the thylacoleo. My argy however is stuck in the ground, like below the ground, i am able to see her level as it is bright letters, heck i am even able to get close enough to her to access her inventory but the option to "ride" is not available. Ive tried whistling follow to see if somehow she would miraculously fly thru the ground but NO. I dont know what the "bug" is to this matter whether it's a vulnerable part of the map in the redwoods or if its the attack move from the thyla after it grabs its prey and drags it around pushing it thru the map. I just know there is some sort of bug as my argy is forever stuck below tha surface of the land.