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  1. I tackled two more caves. I was able to accomplish the one east of the Volcano with few issues other than getting my armour melted, but made it out with the artifact. The other cave was the one furthermost north. Flew to this one with my Pteranadon, landed on the edge, threw down sleeping bag and worked my way in. Killed a few bats, and then was able to get to the artifact relatively easy. I hopped down to collect it and proceeded to jump across the gap on the other side of this area and missed it brilliantly. Needless to say I died. Spawned at the sleeping bag, realized that my 2nd sleeping bag was actually on me instead of my bird. I decided to chance going back in. No armour, no sleeping bag. By the time I got the artifact, out of the cave and flying away I was literally at 30 percent health. I flew my bird as fast I as I could aiming for the north-west beaches. Just barely landed my bird before dying again, randomly respawned, ran back to my bird which took about 8-9 minutes. When I got there, and Argy was munching on my Ptera and I was able to run over jump on him and got the heck of out Dodge. Lost all my equipment back at the cave, but that is why I don't bring any of my good stuff. Three caves down so far, and I think 5 more to go.
  2. Is the Tier List at the top of the thread (the ones in colour) being updated as things change? Shouldn't the T-rex also be classed as Tier S? At this point in the game for me, it would be easier to trade for a Giga rather than attempt taming my own. I practically live on my T-rex. I travel the entire map on her to gather, tame and explore. There are the rare things that I worry about coming up against, but that is a very short list. Her weight is decent so I can bring precious resources back with me and or bring necessary tools like spiked walls, narcotic etc. I even use her when fishing. She is literally behind me after I set down a chair and nothing comes even close to bothering me. I also have her follow me around the base collecting materials while on my farming dinos. Other than her turning radius being forgivable, she has to be the most used and valuable dino I have. Don't get me wrong, I would like to experience having a Giga, but getting a T-rex for me was quite a lot easier.
  3. Even after playing the game for a few months I am still learning quite a bit each day I play. I just want to thank you for putting all this together, it has be an enormous help. I can't imagine the time and effort you have put in with this thread. I also want to thank everyone else who have taken the time to respond and give their input as well. Hopefully, as I play the game longer I can have some relevant feedback that can help augment your list. Keep up the great work.
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