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  1. unseengiant


    *Bump* also map is on rag message unseengiant to join
  2. unseengiant


    Nitrado server open to all.. 100x gathering, instatame, breeding, turret increase, Starters can be given upon request. If you donate $15 to the server you will get creative mode for 24 hours. Donate $50 become admin. Admins will not help spawn dinos, items for players. ADMIN ABUSE IS NOT TOLERATED. NO RULES BUT LEAVE THE ADMINS ALONE.
  3. unseengiant

    Map blur

    The map becomes all blurry like none of the textures aren't sticking causing lag on my servee
  4. unseengiant

    Question for non server owners

    The problem is their has to be an admin on the server to monitor dino wipes trolls. And create events give server prizes and destroy dinos and structures left by old occupants I'm the only admin so no worries and I don't raid
  5. This will clear up a lot of confusion and time. Server owners have esspecially new ones who have hard times trying to populate their servers. So I am trying something new. What do you want to see on a server? You can do anything from the stats to the rules. To the mod or no mod, to the map. The most chosen will be added to my server.
  6. Only 2 rules Survive Leave the admin be...in his castle Admins do not raid but will destroy if they are bothered but with in reason Insta level 10x taming 7x harvesting .2 mating 8x egg hatch speed 15x baby mature speed Unlimited weight If you want changes to stats let me know Server name ARK420GRASS HAVE FUN
  7. While you are there you should add unlimited build on boats for xbox
  8. I opened up my server to anyone and everyone. Build up till every Friday for 24 hour raid........ only rule is leave admin be he doesn't raid.... he does sell Dinos and items 1000 black pearls for items based on the level the price rises and 1500 for a based 150 dino and for every 100 levels it's 1000 black pearls... this is highly boosted taming and harvest so add arkprimitive today.... also bump this to keep this post going
  9. unseengiant

    Looking for work ! (Application)

    Looking for a recruiter and formen unseengiant
  10. unseengiant

    Your ARK Stories!

    I got in to ark cause of some friends. I started off on official servers by my self. Boy I tell you if you never seen an ark play run for his life in the dark from someone who is wanting to beat the crap outta you, you have never seen me. Cause I was like what kinda game is this where you die just for spawning.....? Then I looked for people to play with and I met the Empire tribe where they played on another server. So I learned how to grind, breed, and tame and raid.... Shortly after I got my self straight I go over to red woods where the admin lived and banned anyone for entering. I killed his carno..by accident ....it was attacking me. I wasn't trusted by the tribe so I needed something to impress them.... well I got my chance. The admin decided to attack us while everyone else was sleeping..... and I defended my base against 5 quetzs with turrets in their back while he spawned in a t rex or two but I stood my ground with the argis we had fighting he killed some of them.... the only thing I had to protect was the baby argis who weren't ready to fly... the argis were killed after his "raid" the babies stood we retreated back for a while till we moved servers eventually I became my own server admin I run Arkprimitive server and I started a wild west server where equus is the only dino tameable so my ark story is long I hope to see great progress when the game is released fully
  11. unseengiant

    Looking for no flyer server

    I am looking for admins for mine look for my post it's gonna be a no fly server