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  2. The Empire is recruiting for a new and upcoming and only faction server 2 tribes one winner. I am part of one tribe and I am Empire leader Unseengiant looking to crush the tribe that wishes to take over Our center home! We have our generals. But we need Captains and followers to fill each base and take territory from the these heathens and no this isn't roleplay. We wish to take this server as our own. Each battle determines the territory on which we gain ground to crushing them. If you or your tribe are interested and joining you have 4 days to join get trained and move to man a base SEND Unseengiant a message you wish to join. You will be proveded for we need loyal dedicated and trust worthy mature men and woman 17 and up to help our cause. Are you in or are you afraid
  3. NEW SERVER Type: faction server Recruiting for a new server full of fun and excitement 2 tribes verse each other for battle of the center! Claim territory and take territory and crush the enemy till you are king.. capture to gain leverage, trade to gain value, fight to gain power... we are looking for a members for each tribe Anyone looking for a server or tribe to join..here are the 2 current ruling tribes The Empire -gt unseengiant or request to join here Other tribe here Tribe name to be determined- Jolly ol sniper ADD EITHER OF THOSE GAMER TAGS TO JOIN
  4. Better flyer mech Give flyers better movements like pteranodon glide and gain stamina and dive And Argentavis dives and is able to drag dead body's around and Give them better movements like able to bank or the fly like real birds I would give all in my savings account to see this lol
  5. Add arkprimitive it's not plus it's a challenge pvp server
  6. Even with admin logging on its usually admins spawn things in when reveryone is offline I had those excuses b4 but the facts is trolls take away from Beginning servers like my self to build and thrive I use a easy resource management to get what I need but it's hard. And when trolls come in raise he'll to just destroy new comer on site and recruit for other servers it's not fair
  7. Admins to players What I am about to say may hurt feelings but this in no way shape or form is to hurt someone this has to be said on behalf of the server admins who do have trouble with recruiting cause of some issues.. I am 26 years and in the military also I teach economics on the side. To those that say surviving as admin is easy cause we have the power to spawn what ever.. some admins work hard to build bases while A. You are away. B while you are building.. something called resource management if you don't use the metal ingots and cp to build metal instead put it towards something more practical. Servers are dying cause 1. Admins raid someone they automatically assume it's spawned in 2 admins have big bases after being on a server for 4 weeks.. 3 kids complain about getting kicked out from the admin tribe... and say they booted you for no reason. There is literally no way pleasing anyone... no admin charges you to play on there server... and I'll tell you why 1 are electoral bill rises we have to maintain a clean xbox some of us even have another TV to monitor. We are using our Internet to provide a free service. What I am saying is to the player stop we get it you been through bad relationshipshape with admins but don't take it out on guys who just want to play on a good server
  8. Add me unseengiant
  9. Unofficial
  10. The remote isn't working any help?
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  12. I did not spawn
  13. The artifact of the brute The artifact of the brute is missing from its location anyone know where it is?
  14. It's Feb 14th is the update out?