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  1. Hi Everyone, My goal is to run a server for the long term. Originally I was planning on starting this new server up with the launch of Ragnarok however since its launch has been delayed, I have decided to run a temporary Island server until its release. Since this server will only be around for a few weeks I am boosting everything to get people to the end game quickly. Think of this as a trial run before we get the real server going. The Ragnarok server won’t be as booster. PVP is encouraged for these few weeks so don’t waste your time building giant bases and getting to invested. Wait until Ragnarok for that. To join my server add LostArk93 as a friend and join the game. Ill add you back when I get a chance. Don't bother messaging me if you can join the server, just join. If you message me with an actual question don't expect a fast response. All I have to say about administrators for this server is that I know there are a lot of people who abuse their administrative powers. Personally I didn’t buy an Xbox just to cheat with admin codes. I want to experience the game like it’s meant to be played so I may not even promote anyone to admin. Admin logging will always be on. For this temporary server the main boosts are for leveling your character and dino's quickly and to speed up the painful process of taming, harvesting, gathering resources, and breeding. Weight, oxygen, and fortitude are the only stats which are boosted and stamina drains slower. Additionally cave flying has been turned on. Rules..... there are none. Simple Griefing and wiping other players - Though I don't agree with either of these things there is no rule against it. I would like to encourage people to not do these things so that the server can maintain a good population. In addition please do not trash new players to the server. Let them build up for a bit. Be assured there are no rules. Anyone who is negatively affecting the server as listed above will be dealt with on the battlefield. Once again add LostArk93 if you want to join. See you on the Island!