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  1. NA-PVE-XBOX-Aberration 747 is down as well.
  2. Missing Server NA-PVE-Aberration-747 NA-PVE Aberration 747 is missing for xbox, is it missing for anyone else? Before I report a server outage.
  3. Should wildcard allow genesis exclusive dinos on aberration minus the fliers similar to how extinction exclusive dinos were allowed on aberration?
  4. Thanks for your reply its very true, but it seems rexes never really get hit despite those breeding lines.
  5. Why the rhino nerf? I dont remember anyone asking for a nerf to the rhino? They were actually a viable counter to gigas. Oh well I guess just another nerf nobody was asking for.
  6. I'd like an answer to this as well
  7. Missing Server EU-PVE-Ragnarok-116 Official Server EU-PVE-Ragnarok-116 missing since Genesis Launch on 25.02.2020.
  8. Hey Jat,

    Is the phoenix on Xbox Official servers suppose to be this impossible, to tame?

    It's percent tamed also resets after every heatwave.

    Level 15 phoenix (Xbox Official PVE)

    1. xDarKStaRx616


      That is pretty crazy! Hopefully its a glitch or something. Not looking forward to dealing with that. 

    2. Forbidden1nes



      Managed to get one with on official, barely made it in one heatwave only because it was two tames taming, and we had 7 fire wyverns (400%+ melee) constantly lighting it ablaze during the entirety of the heatwave trapped against a corner of our house.

  9. Dunkleosteus are not harvesting metal on the xbox, all I am gathering is stone from the underwater metal nodes.

    1. plasma5o5


      So is the new release date going to be the 29th? That's what gamestop told me.

    2. Forbidden1nes
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