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  1. Oreo Server PVP The Island

    Structure damage will be enabled when there are more active players.
  2. Oreo Server PVP The Island

    Only a few actives. Friendly server.
  3. Oreo Server PVP The Island

    Plenty of room still!
  4. OreoArkServer OreoArkServer OreoArkServer XBOX ONE Freshly started PVP server on The Island as of 12/4/17. Structure damage is currently off to allow building. 2x XP 20x Harvest 25x Taming 12x Baby Mature 1.5x Supply Drops Weight boosted Flyer speed boosted Less eating/drinking The admin is TasiMerks He is fair, firm, and consistent. He will help only those who help themselves first. He decides the settings and rules. The only rules I have as the server owner are don't bully and don't troll.
  5. Player dedicated server keeps crashing after update

    Mine crashes at Spline Screen as well. Here we go again!