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  1. All of my characters are on servers that will be deleted. You have disabled travel out of those servers, dooming those characters to being deleted also, is that the case? If so, please at least allow me to get a character out of the server.
  2. Many items that have been clamped in terms of dammage and armor were very expensive to make. Blueprints were very rare and difficult fo find and often traded for very high prices. Bases and tames that were lost to raiders because of missing characters and an inability to log in to defend (or even to keep the generators running) took a lot of effort to build and tame. These updates that weaken tribes without even a battle are intrusive, unfair, and make effort expended a waste of time. Ark survivors start to wonder "why bother". My wife and I each have over 6000 hours in Ark play. We are wondering "why bother". I can only hope that the devs at Wildcard are listening. At the same time, we are supposed to become excited about Tek Tier. LOL This is the definition of contradiction. I am starting to look at other games. Bacon
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