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  1. Dnt no how to be honest pnly jus joined this site an hqvnt quite got hang,of it an at least 250 i can meet ya on server ofmure choice



    I have rex food 17100 and golem 135 full kibble and spino 358




  3. New wyvern type

    that would be great ice wyvern!
  4. Ascendant fishing BPs

    Alpha Mosa or Alpha Tusoteuthis
  5. Favorite ride?

    Giga, Wyvern and i dont like the water
  6. 150 Wild Dino Stats - Garbage

    I already tamed over 30 high lvl rexes and had none with really good hp / dmg stats. All under 40 points
  7. Giga melee Question

    Mutations give you only 2 more points in a stat. (maybe from 225 to 230-235) So you have to hope for a crazy wild giga.
  8. Blocking Character Spawns?

    report it to the Devs. Something from Jat on Twitter:
  9. Red T-Rex- Mutation

    wow, amazing!
  10. Baby Rexes dissapeared

    i feel with u, same happened to us with our Brontos. Nothing in Tribelog
  11. Dino Cap

    There is a Dino cap on official Servers? I think we have way more then 300 Dinos.