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  1. that would be great ice wyvern!
  2. Alpha Mosa or Alpha Tusoteuthis
  3. Giga, Wyvern and i dont like the water
  4. I already tamed over 30 high lvl rexes and had none with really good hp / dmg stats. All under 40 points
  5. Mutations give you only 2 more points in a stat. (maybe from 225 to 230-235) So you have to hope for a crazy wild giga.
  6. report it to the Devs. Something from Jat on Twitter:
  7. wow, amazing!
  8. i feel with u, same happened to us with our Brontos. Nothing in Tribelog
  9. There is a Dino cap on official Servers? I think we have way more then 300 Dinos.