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  1. Thanks for nerfing my 160+ giga saddle bp
  2. Be thankfull that you can get some bp now! We can harvest polymer with pelagornis. Maybe they fixed this allready
  3. Megalosaurus starving too fast

    We lost like 10 Megalosaurus cus to lasy to feed them like every 24h. Hopefully the rates will be fixed soon!
  4. Sheep! Breeding 10+ at a time

    Thanks for that post, i did this like you to catch the baby sheep
  5. Ice cave crystals glitching out

    I got the same problem. But in couldn't walk throught them, i had to keep hitting and push forward. Than you glitch forward.
  6. Beetle bugged

    This is right and the only solution to fix this problem. This is how we fix this problem for about one year now
  7. narco plants lookin' crazy

    As a programmer, this is right and the reason for this bug since about 2 weeks now.
  8. Items not stacking to full stacks

    Got this too on official server since the event.
  9. The same problem we have too, the babys will glitch thought the first structure it will hit after they hatch. But all the time they will land on the second structure you have. So just put them on a roof
  10. help! IT IS TRUE ?

    This is true, if you got SE and Island.