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  1. Are Rentable servers worth it?

    Yes!! Changed my ark experience! I love being in control of my own world and get to play with friends without a tether. And you get some additional customizable features through the rented server. For example, we eliminated Ithyornis from our game. Don’t miss them! If you wanted to do a water based game and didn’t want to worry about Leeds destroying your boats all the time, you can eliminate them from the game. And there are other more customizable things you can do as well.
  2. Blurry Textures

    So... as a follow up. I couldn’t figure out which files to delete. I thought I knew but just couldn’t get myself to pull the trigger in case I deleted my world progress. Yup, chickened out. But, in messing around with it, I realized that I hadn’t actually shut down the Ark application or turned off the PlayStation all the way for a while. So I went and did those things and, voila! My textures are back! Thanks for the help, guys!
  3. Blurry Textures

    Okay. When he said, your map is reset, I thought that meant the whole map (like Ragnarok) would start over on day 1. I get it now. I’ll give it a shot, thanks!
  4. Blurry Textures

    So, you’ve seen this particular bug on your system then? I’m having trouble finding other threads about this issue, so I’m wondering how common it is. I don’t want to lose all saved progress, but I was thinking of reinstalling the game to see if that fixes it. I’ve had this happen before, but never for this long at a stretch. It seems that when they put through a patch, it fixes it for a while, but then it goes back to it. It is almost like the game forgets that it has textures to load. I might wait until the Aberration patch to see if that does it for another while. Thank you for the response. I hate it when I put out a question and all I hear are crickets. :-)
  5. Teleport others to me and admin menu

    I couldn’t get this to work either. It would be nice if they would give us a simpler admin interface for the consoles.
  6. Blurry Textures

    Okay... I’ve run into a wall here. Ever since Thanksgiving I have been having issues with the textures not loading on my PS4 Pro on our Unofficial Nitrado server. I thought it could be our internet connection since we do live out in the boonies, but my husband who uses a regular PS4 and plays the game with me at the same time, same Internet, does not have this problem. And when I load up a single player game, the textures load fine. Sometimes after loading my single player game the textures load normally for a while, but then they get all fuzzy again. And it’s not just at the base (though it is the worst at the base). Has anyone else run into this issue? Playing with fuzzy dinos is starting to give me a headache!
  7. Do basilos fit through a dino gate?

    I use a Behemoth gate to enclose my water pen, and frankly, most of that giant door is under water so it actually looks fine. The Behemoth Gate is surrounded by a wall of stone pillars that give me a sort of turn around area in the front of the pen. It works really good. I’m sure you could dress it up. It’s worth it to keep the dinos safe.
  8. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Will there ever be an easier to use system for admin commands for admin managers for the base game/console? Something like Ark Commander? Typing in everything is very clunky and not all the commands work in console (ie teleportplayerIDtome). On the admin manager on PS4, I can’t scroll down through all the settings and commands in the lefthand box. Some sort of a revamp would be pretty awesome! On that same note, with all the new objects coming to the game for Aberration and with so many items without them, are there any plans to enable more item ID numbers for items that don’t have them? It would be nice to not have to type all of the blueprints out...especially on console.
  9. Fellas, I have been trying to figure out how to get this to work all morning. I know that there is an admin command to teleport a specific player to my location but whatever I try, I just cannot get it to work. I’m using the number ID from the admin manager for the player that I’m trying to move and nothing. I type in Cheat TeleportPlayerIDToMe and that 9 digit number for the player... and nothing. This is for the PS4 using an Nitrado Server. Had anyone else been able to get the teleport commands to work, or am I just missing something.
  10. Bluescreens

    Yup. Getting these too. For us it’s around the castle above Viking Bay. We get blue screened all over that place.
  11. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    Will there ever be an admin command to locate lost dinos or bring dinos to the admin the same way we can bring a player to the admin?
  12. Ragnarok Bugs/Glitches/Issues

    For PS4. Another issue that seems to be cropping up a lot. At the big castle near Viking Bay when we get to the bottom basement, we both got blue screened simultaneously. And the swamp around the castle we have gotten blue screened there several times as well. That whole spot on the map seems to not like us being there.
  13. How do you deal with leeds?

    Yup. Honey works. We were running a boat on the Ragnarok map and took honey and repair supplies with us. We got attacked by Leeds in places where there was no convenient shallow water to escape to but were able to distract it with honey. It also seemed to drive off after we shot at it a few times before we decided on the honey trick. Don't know if that was a fluke or not. I have also seen a video by OneWing where he used plant species X on the back of the boat and it gave the Leeds knock back effect that helped in escaping the Leeds. It might give you enough time to repair and get away. I was disappointed when the Devs introduced the Leeds to the game. Boats are one of my favorite things. Before honey was introduced, it seemed that we had no way to escape them. We have a Nitrado server now and with it, even on the PS4, we can eliminate the Leeds from the game if we want to. I haven't done it yet. I actually find them an interesting challenge. Though I respect people who do not feel that way. They can be quite frustrating if you use the boat as a second home and have spent a lot of time building it. If you prefer to play without them, you can do the admin command destroyall and then the creature ID for Leeds to get rid of them. We did that for rock golems in our Scorched Earth game before we got the Server. You'll want to keep it up and ready because it only seems to destroy all within the render distance on a single player game. But you can have it handy if you get attacked. Yes, it's a cheat, but if you really would prefer to eliminate Leeds from the game, on native console without a private PC server, that is your only option right now. Good Luck!
  14. Ratio of Land to Water Dinosaurs

    I've noticed that the map seems rather empty too. We do regular dino wipes on our server because of it. It helps a bit to get some fresh dinos out there, but I feel like the dino population is not nearly as dense as it was on the Island Map. Fish are actually fairly rare.
  15. Ragnarok Bugs/Glitches/Issues

    We have been playing Ragnarok on our PS4 Nitrado server. I've also noticed a few bugs. • Preserving salts will not go into preserving bins. • Tracker nodes dissapear off dinos randomly. They all dissapear at once. They were doing it just about every time I log on, but now they do it only every few times. It's frustrating to have to keep replacing transponder nodes. We had this happening in our single player Scorched Earth game as well. • Transponder nodes also show all the names of tagged dinos clustered up no matter what direction those dinos are in. It makes the trackers extremely hard to use. Every dino is going to have to have its own number for them to work properly. It didn't used to be that way. • Rocky terrain does not always count as ground. There are some spots where it does and some spots where it does not. It's also very easy to walk into the terrain... so there is clearly something going on here. • I don't know if this is intentional, but there seems to be an under abundance of fish in the game. It makes it hard to tame on otter! ;-). But really, there are not a lot of fish, matter of fact, the dino population in general seems reduced. Perhaps it's the size of the map, but dinos seem more rare than they were in the Island map. That's all for now! Thank you!