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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Congrats to Aaron and Team! That Rag castle rebuild is top notch! It really looks amazing. I’m impressed with all the things that can be done with vanilla ark and vanilla P+. I’m inspired to try it now!
  2. Teleport Player to me on PS4

    Nope. I could never get it to work. Though I haven’t tried since giving up after this posting. I wish they would give us all the admin functions on the consoles since we have the pc hosted servers now. It would help a lot with being an admin.
  3. Rebalancing the rebalance of the Griffin

    Yeah. The griffin nerf broke my heart. I get it for PVP, but there were no concessions made for PVE at all and we didn’t want it. It was a lazy nerf too, just stat based. They could have done other things to limit use like making them harder to get at low levels (like the wyvern). But no, they just used a hammer and smashed them. I still think they should give us saddles, or at least the ability to breed them. My previous go-to dino sits in the barn most times now. It sucks.
  4. Griffins nerfed too much?

    What the?! Yeah, the nerfed the heck out of the griffs, waaay too much IMO. That’s nuts though. It has the feel of a glitch to me. They reduced their HP by half. It shouldn’t be 68 health.
  5. fishing pelagornis fishing bug

    Yup! We just got some nice fishing rods from killing Alpha Tusos and went out to fish off the pelagornis. The fishing stopped working for us too.
  6. The TLC Pass is looking great so far! I’m still hoping you all will address the Mantas so they can be usable and not die the instant the see the surface. Fingers crossed. Also, I want to thank the Ark team for coining the term, pooplock! Lol!
  7. I had one major issue come up where my server crashed and was started over at day one. Instead of sending in a support ticket, I called them. They responded immediately and had it fixed within an hour with an old back-up. I don’t have experience with their support tickets but I was really happy with the response that I got.
  8. Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    I agree with a lot of what has been said here about updating models in general. I’d love to see better dino AI where they act more like wild animals, especially the predators. I’d love to see them have some sort of a cool down after eating or waiting until they are hungry again before killing. It is a bit silly the way they just wander around and kill everything. I’d love to see predators get extra aggressive if you get close to or steal their kill, kind of like how dinos currently get ticked if you steal their eggs. The biggest thing I would like to see is water dinos having a little more staying power above the water. I absolutely hate to see wild ichthys jump out of the water only to die mid-air. And Mantas. Oh man. I have tried everything to keep mantas. I even built a special water pen way out in the deep (before Leeds) to keep them in so they would stay away from land. Mantas are absolutely fantastic water fighters. They make a great entourage when exploring the deep. But they die immediately when coming out of water. I’ve even buffed mostly their health to try to give them a fighting chance if they touched the surface and still lost them. It’s almost like they hit lava when the touch the air. I’m okay with water creatures having some vulnerability when they hit the surface, but the instant die thing is a bit over the top. Maybe have their stats weakened or give them a timer when they hit the surface... something to make it worth taming them again. I think they are due. I don’t know if reworking mechanics is the purpose of the TLC Pass, but there’s my two cents. Thanks for giving us a chance to comment.
  9. prime fish meat?

    I’ve gotten regular and prime from the same Leeds. I dunno why you get regular fish meat sometimes but I wouldn’t give up on scraping Leeds. Good source of prime when they drop it.
  10. Griffin Balance

    RIP Griffin. We have a hard time finding high level griffins on our server, so losing a high level one to some blue screen BS would be so frustrating! Sorry man. Since the PS4 patch notes don’t indicate the griffin nerf, I thought we would be safe until the next patch at least to still fly around and enjoy them as they were, but when we logged in last night, nope, they’d been nerfed. So frustrated! We play on our Nitrado server and it looks like there is a way to adjust the tamed dino damage and resistance multipliers for a specific class. So I can just adjust the Griffin for those multipliers and not have it mess with the other tames. Gonna mess around with those settings a bit to see if I can at least give them more damage resistance to protect them a little better. Hopefully WC will give us a saddle or some kinda protection. I’ll even add chocolate sauce and whipped cream to the cherry on top WC. Don’t leave us griffin lovers in the dust.... please?
  11. Griffin Balance

    Yeah. We just tested it too. Sprint backwards no longer works. Sigh. You can still look down and ascend, but it’s slow going.
  12. Griffin Balance

    No problem with that. IMO, I think you should be able to play this game however you want on unofficial. That was part of my attraction to Ark in the first place, the ability to customize the game to my particular play style. I’ve never had that in a console game. Ever. So I get particularly frustrated when the devs decide to force me to play a certain way. Once I’ve tasted the freedom, I have a hard time handing it back.
  13. Griffin Balance

    Dude! I totally feel the same way. I’m an adult with a life and career who loves this game. But I’m seriously ticked about this nerf. And even though I too feel a bit childish complaining about it, I’m still gonna say something. I freaking love the griffins as is. They breathed new life into the game for me. I would be happy giving up all other dinos and flying around on my griffin hunting down wild game and teasing wyverns. It’s my world dang it! Okay... maybe I would have a Rex too. I hope they at least give us armor or saddles for these guys now.
  14. Griffin Balance

    Yup. Console players get the short end of the stick here. We won’t be getting any mods to fix it. We play on PS4 so our option to mitigate the heavy handed nature of this nerf is to buff all dinos. I don’t want to buff all dinos. I don’t want the game to be too easy, but I want my Griffins as they are. I’m holding to hope (and it’s a slim hope) that by the time this drops on console they will roll it back some. I can stand some hit, but this is just silly.
  15. Griffin Balance

    Yup. You got what you wanted. Nerf the griffin. Man. We play PVE on our own server do our own thing and freaking love playing on those griffins. My absolute favorite go-to dino. Just fun to ride and fly and stomp. We even used them to kill a Giga once (and almost lost them, mind you). It was a challenge but it was possible and that is part of my fun. Maybe they are a little OP but really, you can’t breed them, they are only available on one map so you have to go there to get them. Come on. PVE is such a different play experience from PVP but now we gotta fall in line with PVP because you all can’t figure out a way to deal with them. I’ve said my peace. Now I get to explain to my griffin why he’s getting castrated.