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  1. Ragnarok spino spawns

    What the hell is going on with Spino's on Ragnarok? I've been playing on an official Rag server since they released and i've only seen a total of about 7-8 Spino's, on the other hand, i've been watching Aberration gameplay and there are Spino's friggin everywhere...UNDERGROUND. How are there more Spino's on Aberration over Ragnarok, I'd say Rag is a Spino's paradise. Maybe it's a bug I don't know. What i do know is it's borderline impossible to do any boss other than Gamma.
  2. The silent Giga nerf

    Love how all these people are just now learning about Kentros. My Kentro army has risen to 20, all 8k+ health w/ 700+ melee. Did some testing with Kentros close to my quality on singleplayer, I'd feel confident taking on bred rexes lol.
  3. Item-Transfer-Timers

    I hate how if your trying to ob out you cant eat food off your hotbar or else it resets the timer for it....
  4. In-game profiting

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA i see people selling dinos ALL DAY for real world currency, good luck stopping this. spoiled kids and adults with too much money will always purchase tames like golems, wyverns, griffins, and bred gigas. I had some experience with it myself after the thylo released, i was getting paypal offers all day for my bred thylos. And the mods want people to stop doing that?? That's just something moderators and devs are gonna have to learn to accept...
  5. okay, makes more sense now. thanks
  6. Jeremy recently tweeted that their working on cross platform servers between windows and console. I for one really really hope there are cluster servers for this instead of pc having access to all of console's servers. It wouldn't last a year before windows had full control of console servers, i've seen some of these tribes and how methodical they can be. So here's to hoping they section off some console only servers or else RIP console players.
  7. Titanosaur & General platform improvements

    I agree that the titanosaur is underwhelming in PvP. Back in the legacy days my room mate and i tamed one on official but that was just when duping was gaining speed, so it got wrecked lol. I've been wanting to try again though since we have a good way of doing it ( setting T.V.'s next to each other makes aiming a cannon on a quetz very easy) and nobody has countless duped mc+ launchers and rockets...
  8. Would it be possible to create a 2nd search bar (or something like it) inside inventories defining the specific amount of a resource you want out of it? Something like that would shave at least 30 minutes off of my ARK day lol.
  9. Why no 2x raising?

    Developers, moderaters, knowledgeable players, please is there any info on why it's not happening? I've combed through Twitter and forums but can't find anything on this matter. What I would give for some transparency on Wildcards part...
  10. Idea for shoulder mounted tame

    Yea I just wanted to get a reaction. I'll head over there and give it some thought.
  11. How about Owls???
  12. Ice wyverns/ice wyvern eggs not spawning

    I just went by 33/68 and picked up a package instead of an egg lol. Had to re log to see it but I've heard bad things about raising them. Definitely wait until they fix them to raise it.
  13. Snake eggs

    I'm trying to find it also, for some reason my trap doesn't work anymore. I haven't even seen one in the wild since release. I'm thinking they reworked boas so that they only lay after being tamed.
  14. Titanboa egg farm

    A few updates ago I could successfully farm 15-20 boa eggs every hour or so with my snake pen. Also, you could find them in the wild. But since release I haven't been able to use that method anymore, and haven't seen an egg in the wild since. Wondering if anyone else has seen boa eggs in the wild or if your pen still works? I'm on Ragnarok
  15. 9/1 ARK release day

    Congratulations on your September 1st release Wildcard, everyone can finally get a chance to join a server now!