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  1. Tribe mate said it had them so I just accepted that.
  2. So did Abb Official 381 Roll Back last night? So, my tribe mate was taking care of our baby drakes during the night. Said he podded the younger important ones. But I logged in and 9 of our baby drakes starved to death. Including my 190 with health and dmg mutation, and a 150 valentine colored drake. The tribe log shows he didn't pod any, so I'm wondering if the server rolled back last night and caused our drakes to go back to a point before they were fed and them starve to death.
  3. Well, I have mass hatched a bunch of therizinosaurus eggs and am currently raising 8 theriz and 1 high lvl anky. Aiming to get my dream mutated super theriz! And the anky has 57 points in dmg, lvl 248, I'm pretty excited. Can't wait till this baby torture is done!
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