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    pve or pvp
  2. 24/7 Scorched Earth \ The Center PvE

    hes supposed to change his server just for you? lul
  3. Super Friendly 24/7 xbox Pve Server

  4. 24/7 Island Server - Adults Only - Adult Admins

    Im very interested after reading the post, but I'm getting no reply on xbox live.
  5. the island The Island 24/7 PvP Server

    you might want to update that offline raiding prevention on part of this
  6. honesty this sounds really nice. I've been looking for a more PvE oriented server that still has the option for some friendly PvP. Maybe I can finally get a chance to tame a bootysaurus if I get in
  7. the island The Island 24/7 PvP Server

    can i get an add BrownEyedGnome
  8. dang hit me with that block lol

  9. ARK EMPORIUM *PVP 24/7 Island Server*

    pretty sick server you get wiped before 24 hour period over nothing
  10. Paradise Lost 24/7 Dedicated Server

    is their offline protection?