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  1. we finally have a metal smelting dino Taming sounds fun =P.
  2. if you read the rest of the comments on this post it isn't really expensive at all, just a bit of a grind like everything else in this game.
  3. Yes it basically is, with 40 more slots then the reg trough and more then double the slots of a fridge.
  4. Although its not pleasant the tek generator is really easy to maintain now. If you have it on x2 range 10 element(1 easy brood) gives you nearly 21 days worth of charge.
  5. If you can raise rexies or have a group of at least 5 people the trough itself is easy. As for most of the other tek items . Besides the transmitter and tek gates I do agree their basically just for show.
  6. According to some people on x2 range it consumes 1 element per 50 hours. You get around 20 days worth of element in 1 ez brood run.
  7. oh right forgot that it lasts longer then raw
  8. If you worked a regular job you would miss at least 2-3 imprints every day for 14 days. Even if it was 2 you'd lose out on 42 possible %. if it was 1 a day that would be 21. But anyways this is about the tek trough, as I just said above the point of the tek trough is to save time for people who don't want to farm meat constantly. And as for its hardness you can get this in a solo tribe and maintain it.
  9. a stack of cooked meat can last over 21 days in a tek trough. if you had enough you wouldn't have to worry about filling t he troughs at all.
  10. pretty sure he was saying that since if you have a full time job theres nearly no way you can get 90%.... Unless your playing at work, not judging but most people don't.
  11. I feel like this is more about those who haven't gotten tek complaining that they won't be able to use the trough, and those who can talking about how amazing it is. Its just medium monkey, their even adding it to manticore. This will be super easy to get. Anyone can.
  12. However you guys want to sum the tek trough up as, no matter what scenario you think of this is an item that will help tons of people. As Sup3riorArs3nal said, you can fill troughs and leave. All you need to do is like 1 easy brood round a week to keep it running. And even then you won't be using it 24/7. I agree, most of tek is useless and mainly just pvp tribes fighting each other with upgraded stuff. But this one singular item, it makes breeding easier. With the reduced feeding rates i bet 1 trough could last giga almost till adolescent. Not to mention their adding this engram to the manticore. A solo'able boss. And the generator along with the trough are on beta ape, another solo'able boss. Farm easy brood, another solo'able boss. The second they fix the tribute requirements I know i'll be stocking up on these. Simply put a single person can unlock the engrams and sustain the upkeep. I don't see how its not worth. In fact I hope to use em as much as possible before the devs realize this and make it harder .
  13. Could you not flap away an alpha far out of range with a wyv? I would assume they tame slower with it in range. Kind of like the nerf to torpor with mate boost and pack boost.
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