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  1. so did they every actually release the save files? been trying to find out where they put em.
  2. AlphaCarno

    New Ragnarok Bosses!

    I mean I spawned the alpha portal and went into the arena.
  3. AlphaCarno

    Can we get microtransactions?

    They actually used clever wording, never said they'd support it. If you look back at it(I don't even remember where it was ), they say their going to continue with events and updates and whatnot. Without any word on ticket support. But come on, is there really any difference with them not responding to tickets vs saying no?
  4. AlphaCarno

    Can we get microtransactions?

    yes, you are right. They never specifically said any of the things that they made everyone assume would happen. Yes you are right, their just cunning and deceptive, but not lairs.
  5. AlphaCarno

    Can we get microtransactions?

    thats a very bold statement to make when you haven't even played with him anyways I do agree with everyone else, it would ruin the game. Would be interested in the idea of a trading outpost at 50/50 where people can advertize and trade cross servers without moving. That way we won't lose characters.... uploading isn't a pain, and your 100% gaurenteed that what your getting is what its supposed to be.
  6. AlphaCarno

    Despawn Timer On Obelisks

    as MANY of us know people leave all their flyers and junk on the obelisks at ragnarok keeping people from doing boss fights and half the time even accessing them. I was thinking of a 24 hour despawn timer on top of the metal area of the obelisk.
  7. AlphaCarno

    New Ragnarok Bosses!

    Just spawned alpha twice in solo. One time it was 1 alpha manticore, 1 gamma manticore, and one alpha dragon... The 2 alpha dragons and 1 alpha manticore. I'm all for 630 element in one go but how the heck are you supposed to do alpha with random boss spawns
  8. AlphaCarno

    New Ragnarok Bosses!

    what are you talking about xD? it doesn't need all the artis. and it gives all the engrams that they would in their perspective arena.
  9. AlphaCarno

    Disappearing Gigas?

    the one giga that seemingly got deleated was at 66%
  10. AlphaCarno

    Disappearing Gigas?

    I've been hearing from people that their gigas are just up and disappearing with no trace in the tribe log or anything. Adults and babies, even some by tek troughs. Anyone else have theirs disapear?
  11. AlphaCarno

    The Countdown [3 Hours left]

    I posted mine first (of any I saw) dunno why they got more attention
  12. AlphaCarno

    New Server Lifespan Commitment?

    I'm personally excited to have the servers slowly close down on each other we'll all get over crowded and fight over dodos and tame cap!
  13. AlphaCarno

    The Countdown [3 Hours left]

    (high light the numbers, its about 7 and a half days atm)
  14. My friend found a qr code in the trailer with a hidden countdown, seems like not many people have noticed it so I posted it here. My guess is an expansion having to do with space. http://playark.com/a/
  15. AlphaCarno

    New Ragnarok Bosses!

    swamp cave or sea caves