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  1. Hey all, does anyone know what time this kicks in? (Uk time)
  2. Thanks for the feedback mate, i just don’t know if it’s worth buying or do I wait for the ps5?
  3. Hey all, after having 3 blue screen incidents today I’ve turned to you lot for advice! Is it worth getting a ps4 pro and will it improve my time spent on ark? Will the ps4 pro stop or at least reduce the amount of crashes and lag on the game? Thanks again
  4. Is there an easy way to find out if the Dino cap has been hit?
  5. Do the Goggles help with the problem for the sandstorms? Or is it just an item that you use when you get caught out in a sandstorm?
  6. Thank you everyone for your advice! I like the thought of the challenges on scorched earth but don’t like the restrictions with the sandstorms (which I didn’t know about until this post) ragnarok sounds amazing but from your posts it sounds overcrowded and dino caps have been hit... I’m still lost! Does anyone know what wildcard are doing about the overcrowded servers? Are they planning on Releasing any more servers? Thanks again
  7. I personally think the ticket system gets a lot of grief but my experience with the gm’s have been outstanding! It took my ticket 3 weeks to get solved and I updated my ticket once a week asking how they were getting on with it. Best of luck!
  8. Hi, after years of playing the island We have decided that it’s time to try scorched earth or ragnarok? I have been told so many different things about the map being empty of players to maps been over ran, so I thought I’d ask the community! If anyone can recommend a pve map with room to build for me and my tribe it would be greatly appreciate.
  9. Any recommendations on stats for a Megatherium?
  10. Thank you all for your advice! I’ve played the game on and off for years and never realized how amazing the community was! I saw a video of someone using a Megatherium? Anyone thoughts on that?
  11. I was wondering about using the cryo pods in the cave?! How have you found the jumping in the caves as the lag on our server is awful!
  12. Hey again, any suggestions on cave Dino’s for the island? I haven’t had much luck with the caves so far!
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