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  1. Looks great and I love the pattern. Its awesome that more flyers are being added. There isn't quite enough diversity with just the argentavis, pteranodon, and quetzal.
  2. Looks cool, but I hope it is very hard to craft. Also I don't know if it is true but I heard the material for it would be called element. I hope you change that name. It could be cool if instead it tooked a special more refined metal mixed with crystal so the light shines through those certain areas. Also please don't add too much of this tek. A bit is fine and I know you said it would stay ark, but even though many people love it others dont want it to get too advanced. The big appeal for this gamr is how primal it is. Other wise lots of great things. Thanks for hearing me out.
  3. I think that if they were to add a carcharodontosaurus that would be great. Its just a slightly smaller version of the giganotosaurus. Not that i dont like this. This is great.
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