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  1. The fact you don't answer the questions shows you've lost the debate already.enjoy your day. P.s having people on 24/7 isn't overpowered defences is it lmfao.you got wrecked and you know it.lol at your offer to see your lil bases bless you.deluded....
  2. 99.9% of my play is offcial pvp since legacy EA and been alpha of 80% the servers we played on.nice try though.fact is,you still talking poo. There is no such thing as an unraidable base in this game and never will be.you only talk about online which 99% of the time you get offlined which i can do your lolsuper base solo in a few hours of you going to sleep. Dino HP went UP,through the roof with breeding.turret cap lowered.Structures HP didn't change,ammo production didn't change. unlimited heals added for soakers(owls),yutys buffing soakers,vegi cakes buffing soakers.beer.please feel free to step in and explain how in the hell LOLDefences have become over powered in a game where soaking abilities keep growing while defences stay the same,which effectively makes them WEAKER.i have barely even touched on how weak defence is vs attacking because i honestly don't have time to make walls of txt to point of peoples stupidity. What about how WildCard released titans,manas and mecks in a state where they could wipe out bases from out side of turret range and took months before that was fixed.do explain how being wiped outside of turret range some how makes defences overpowered lulz Wheres all these supposed LOLoverpowered defensive buffs you speak of? can't wait for this Like i said before,you're ignorant or deluded.pick one.
  3. The only thing that will give is your sanity, sorry but it's true..
  4. Extinction border isn't like the other maps. It's a kill zone,doesn't matter what you ride, cross that line you ain't returning...
  5. The sound doesn't bother me, it's the inconvenient timing when my dino decides to knock out a fat log, which is usually when I'm about to get picked or when a micro raptor is 2 feet from a pack of trodoons infront of me
  6. Anyone know how to type how Dino poop sounds? It would be funny if I knew how
  7. Faby rifles now destroy structures MC faby doing 400 dmg to metal structures after the patch an hour ago. The patch from 1 hour ago broke the game on ps4. My lord this gunna get abused
  8. Well @Cedric as you may already know ARK is well known for its lack of balance.the game is stacked in the attackers favour vs defence when it comes to time and resources etc.me and my buddys have played since legacy and been alpha on many servers so i am not making this suggestion because i get stomped,i am making it because its a correct fact.If you want people to enjoy this game i would suggest what conan exiles does,i tried the game didn't like it but what they seriously did get right was their RAID window concept.on that game you can PVP 24 hours BUT you cant't attack/wipe bases outside of the RAID window.so 4pm to 11pm the wars begin.outside of that window people get a break and get chance to rebuild/repair/farm/raise etc. Ark as it stands right now its just stupidly unhealthy.having to be on 24 hours a day to stop someone deleting your progress while you sleep is just bad for business.imagine someone goes out,payed £50 for your game and never gets passed bob status because they don't have the time or inclination to 24 hour camp a pixelated dino pen?.with a raid window their chances of survival raise from 0% to some actual percentage lol. Having a raid window of 8 hours is more than enough to wipe someone(if you don't wipe them,you will the next day due to setting them back)and anyone who wants 24 hour raids just wants to grieve or have an easy PVE offline raid instead of playing ARK the way it's ment to be(the trailer shows massive wars not a tribe soaking the other while they sleep).this would remove the majority of issues.Meshing would have to happen while your online,snipping tames wouldn't be a thing,the boring and unbalanced offlining meta would not exist.people would feel they have breathing room after a wipe or a wipe attempt to carry on.logging out won't help you because its not ORP based and if you don't log in then thats your own fault.that was in your control,whats out of your control is being on 24 horus a day to stop being PVE offlined.raid windows benefit EVERYONE,not just the few.Right now,during a war,the 1st to go to sleep loses,that is just straight up crazy unhealthy and not needed at all. As it stands right now,ARK is catering to the few at the expense of the many.if anyone i know in RL asks me if they should play ARK i tell them not to bother because i won't be responsible for recommending someone pay £50 to get stomped in to the ground and not even be able to attempt do anything of significance to the ones who own servers in such a one sided fight. I know this isn't a popular suggestion but fact of the matter is,24 hour base destruction is just unhealthy for people,for ARK and for Wildcards profits.. Soo,i suggest a game mode with an actual RAID window where its 24 hour PVP but your base and anything within the base cannot be killed outside of said RAID window.if you leave the base on a tame for example then its a free for all and you and your tames can be killed.Once the purge begins 4pm-11pm for example,then nothing is safe and everything is up for grabs/killing/destroying.
  9. The ignorance and irony in this thread
  10. I will say it again, your bug point is invalid because I never mentioned bugs. The surface of the new map is full to the Brim with all kinds of dinos all levels. The abberation zone, is the opposite, its borderline empty. 1 hour didn't see one ravager. Seen 20 spinos and 3 crabs, nothing else. I don't even care about the lack of reapers,basi or drakes. The typical needed dinos are extinct. Also I cannot wait around on an official pvp server, that's all well and good on a pve server where time isn't critical. When I'm trying to secure my base and there's 3 useful dinos and a few metal nodes, then there's a big problem.the surface land you progress 10 times faster than the abb zone at all aspects, dinos kibble, bullets, etc etc
  11. Dumb logic. I will no longer engage in conversation with such obvious flawed stupid logic.
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