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  1. Have you tried cooking the meat?
  2. Mine for one is as greedy as a pig 4k a sec or so
  3. I f they get rid of all the modern and tek stuff as they alluded to, then I'm sure there will still be a place for Ark 1.
  4. I agree, building is the thing that I love to do most, we need a lot more pieces, and styles of structures along with different snap points that we cant do atm. Some mods add great things like s+ ,ckf, etc. I hope they will add even better versions of those mods, and wildcard please add a building gun or whatever to pickup and also to change structure styles. I cant wait until we hear some more news about it!
  5. I still think it should be 4 or even 5x the rates as vanilla, with resource stacking similar to some pc mods, like 1000 pieces of wood in a stack. and also improve the amount of weight you gain by adding more levels Trying to play while holding down a 60 + hour work week can be quite tedious. Hopefully this will change when pc hosted console servers launch and I can get my own! Also is there plans for PS4 and Xbox1 to receive modding support? That would be awesome!
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