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  1. I am on windows 10. The download is not even available on the store to update. My tribemate on the Xbox Scorpio is back in the game.
  2. Kibble tree changes

    Trade with other players. I trade players other resources for Kibble/Eggs. You chose to have an egg farm. Start piking your army of dodos for eggs.
  3. Kibble tree changes

    Kibble would be too easy get over it. Every dino doesn't need a progressive food chain kibble. Leave it the way it is and go tame some dinos.
  4. Leveling Beyond 70?

    Well that is awesome. PvP Server? I only play PvE I feel I would never be able to compete on PVP since i am so far behind.
  5. Leveling Beyond 70?

    This guy is hardcore to do all this effort to level lol nice method man
  6. New raft builds

  7. Best food for feeding trough?

    Any berries and raw works fine
  8. Player Stats

    250 Health 200 Stam 320 weight 105 movement 30 fortitude This is PVE account
  9. Beaver dam farm?

    so hard on my server to even see a beaver.
  10. How To Power Level

    Nice guide I see these guys have their own "powerleveling method" in chat lol
  11. Closed

    Double egg dayyyy
  12. No dinos

    My server is tight with spawning sometimes aswell