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  1. Me and my tribe members are stuck/trapped inside our base (which for some reason isnt actually ours anymore) all our tames outside in a pen which again isnt ours anymore,well if they havent starved and died. This happend saturday night and were pretty sure it isnt going to change. All that time wasted
  2. Thats not good then if they dont even bother helping with the situation theres not really much point in spending any more time on this game if one day you can log on and everything youv worked for be unclaimed from you and devs wont even reply with any sort of help.oh well hope conans going to be good then.
  3. Does anybody official from ark help out these forums?
  4. Hi me and the tribe need help. Logged on yesterday to find that we are stuck inside the base and everything wev built and tamed has changed tribe name therefore we cant open doors or access anything. This is really ennoying as many and many hours of gameplay has gone into this and to lose it to some sort of glitch will be the end really. Please anyone have any advice/help.