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  1. Darts will always be better. If you use arrows just be careful you don’t kill it
  2. I know they are not on this map but I wonder if Velonasaurs will be able to target them. I may have to try on my unofficial server today.
  3. I tamed a 150 event Anky tonight but it was the X type in the volcano region. The only other event Dino I have seen is the rhino
  4. The update is there for consoles, at least Xbox. Just reset your Xbox and it should show up.
  5. I just tamed one last with carrots on Xbox and had no issues. As soon as I saw it buck I hit the button.
  6. It’s a swamp so I get why they are there but I wish WC would turn down the spawn rate on them. They seem like they are every 5 feet.
  7. This just happened to me. I’m on Xbox also. I played earlier and it was fine. I just logged on and it notified me of an update, similar size to when it released on Tuesday.
  8. Try the lakes near green ob or in the jungle near blue.
  9. Lately this has been happening to me more often. I put all of my stuff in a container before I lay down. This way if I log on and can’t interact I can at least fast travel. I now log off in a bed because I used to get the falling through the floor to death when logging on.
  10. Yeah I get that it probably will never happen again. I just want to bring it to their attention to look at for next time.
  11. Problem with Raptor Claus On the Val server I play on RaptorClaus traveled outside of the barrier of the snow biome. It went straight down the line and I couldn’t get one present. Anyone else have this problem on a different map?
  12. Do you know why? It just seems silly to have an event and limit where stuff spawns. If the map has wyverns, it should get DodoWyvern. DodoRex should spawn on every map.
  13. Pumpkin, tombstones and scarecrows you have to sit still for a minute for them to pop up. Try along the beaches. Kill a bunch of Dino’s and the skeleton ones will appear.
  14. Look for the skeleton Dino’s roaming the map. You kill them they give you the bones.
  15. Stronghold 60.3 8.4 Why can’t we build on and around this castle? That big open space in the back leading to the broken door is a wasted space because you can’t build there.
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