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  1. Do you know why? It just seems silly to have an event and limit where stuff spawns. If the map has wyverns, it should get DodoWyvern. DodoRex should spawn on every map.
  2. Pumpkin, tombstones and scarecrows you have to sit still for a minute for them to pop up. Try along the beaches. Kill a bunch of Dino’s and the skeleton ones will appear.
  3. Look for the skeleton Dino’s roaming the map. You kill them they give you the bones.
  4. Stronghold 60.3 8.4 Why can’t we build on and around this castle? That big open space in the back leading to the broken door is a wasted space because you can’t build there.
  5. I found this spot last night as I was taking an Anky around. In that spot there is a metal node. So how do we know if the Devs see stuff like this? It would be nice if they had someone that went around letting you know they are looking into it.
  6. I have better luck chasing red drops around the map than that cave.
  7. They respawn once after you collect all three. After the second time you will have to wait like 45 minutes to do it all over again.
  8. I would suggest artifact locations, where you can enter aberration and chewing on dead dolphins along the beach will provide you with a lot of organic polymer.
  9. WC here is a free map for our fan base. Fan base is this all? We demand more!
  10. Could you imagine if no space was needed between Gachas? People would have more than they need then people would complain about that.
  11. The nests can be hidden sometimes, under bushes or under trees. Try to kill everything in the area then leave and come back.
  12. Supply drops don’t drop side by side. Its the map. I tried to build in that stronghold castle but it had too many areas that it wouldn’t allow me to build on. You can basically build anywhere on my server but for some reason we have restrictions on this map. Its something WC will have to fix.
  13. Strip naked and have the Allos chase you off the edge of a cliff
  14. So what Dino could they put in the cave that wouldn’t either fly or walk into lava? When they add dinos we will begin to hear complaints of being knocked into lava.
  15. I believe it’s like 37 90. It’s on top of a mountain with trees around it.
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