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SouthernSamurai's Feedback

  1. Seven777 left Negative feedback   

    tried trading egg for egg, after being mucked about for 2 weeks, user blocked me and no longer wanted to trade. assuming he found a higher stat egg from someone else, even after making a deal. seems very dodgy.

    SouthernSamurai was The Seller

  2. Freddyy left Positive feedback   

    easy and fast trade, would trade again 10/10

    SouthernSamurai was Trading

  3. Hoaxi left Positive feedback   

    Negotiations went smoothly, even came to my server while i was babysitting! Successful smooth trade!

    SouthernSamurai was Trading

  4. Ashelia left Positive feedback   

    Finished the deal without any problems.! ^-^

    SouthernSamurai was The Seller

  5. Eymonlan left Positive feedback   

    Another successful trade with my buddy ;D

    SouthernSamurai was The Seller

  6. wolfis left Positive feedback for a topic   

    trade went smooth, took a while until we could get a right time setup but after that everything went as planned, would trade again :D

    SouthernSamurai was Trading

  7. Eymonlan left Positive feedback   

    Trade was great on both parts! We both got what we wanted and it went pretty smooth :D

    SouthernSamurai was The Seller

  8. AlmightyGamerYT left Positive feedback   

    Awesome trader

    SouthernSamurai was The Seller

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