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  1. hyde3378

    Idea for trex

    So I had a thought. Why not we PUT A PLATFORM ON A REX. I know at first thought there is no way this would be balance but let me explain. The platform saddle could make the Rex slower or make it harder to control. The reason to add this though is the shear thought of just you and your tribe riding on the back of one (also it would be nice to have a little base on it). I think this is amazing idea for the game. Maybe in next DLC?
  2. hyde3378

    ARK Survival Evolved for Mobile!

    Hope it runs
  3. So on Ragnarok there is scorched. But, there is not Aberation. Abberation should be added because Abberation is one of the less played maps. I think if you just added the creature to Ragnarok it would just be better. Now I dont think you should find them everywhere maybe they could be in the empty space of the little tower on the hill cave or the coastal wyvern den. I just think this would revamp the gaming experience and just make the game better in general. Also it doesn't need to be all the abberation creatures just the big ones everyone likes (except the nameless queen) like the Crab or Roll Rat. If you do do this just PLEASE PLEASE have the bulbdog in it. Thanks for reading and hope ARK keeps getting updates.
  4. hyde3378

    Halloween Event?

    Will Fear Evolved be coming out and will it be on the xbox one because last year Xbox got it pretty late so I just wanted to know