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  1. Whoohoo! According to the patch notes a fix is downloading.
  2. Weeeeeeird. Even if it were a titan or something it would show up in the logs. Decay? Logs. Tribemate demoed? Logs. The only thing I could think of is that maaaaybe an admin destroyed it for some reason, but even then I'd *think* it would be in the logs. Again - weird.
  3. It depends on your server of course - I'm on Official PvE. I usually just use one Maewing for every 6-7 gigas and check once or twice a day to dump the spoiled and fill it back up. It works perfectly.
  4. That was Crunch 280, from August 13th. The 16th it's referring to is August 16th.
  5. There's lots of lag, and some servers are WAY overbuilt. Still, the players are pretty cool for the most part. I've played almost exclusively Official PvE since I first installed the game.
  6. Still broken, sorry to say. Glad to hear that they're looking into it, though.
  7. I've seen that when there's a client update, but that doesn't seem to be the case here (at least for Steam/PC).
  8. It's still broken today. I hope it's not an intentional nerf.
  9. Since the last update my mantises (mantii?) can't harvest any resources. Is this a bug or is something misconfigured?
  10. Unfortunately I think that's just the nature of multiplayer online games. Hunting down cheaters is basically a game of whack-a-mole. No matter how many resources they devote to combat cheaters, cheaters will always find something else.
  11. I'm hearing similar things from other people on the same server (PVE 585), so I'm going to run on the assumption that the mission is bugged and just move on to other things. Ark's gonna Ark.
  12. I tried to do the Ice Fishing mission in the arctic biome, but when I start the mission and sit down at an ice hole nothing happens when I try to cast the line. Left-clicking does absolutely nothing, though I see the fishing rod in my hand. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I hope I'm not too much of an ice hole for asking.
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