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  1. Server ddos daily and no help otw 853 on PS4 is ddossed every day. Been reported on server outage but nothing is ever done. Person doing it sits in server all day crashing it. It has been weeks. Wildcard “server engineers” ignore the requests for help. How do we get someone to actually fix it. There are people who lift it and it just starts again. I don’t want to hear the “wildcard doesn’t care” comments I already know that.
  2. This is seriously not fixed? After years of being reported? Sitting in the boss room for over an hour and nothing spawned. How can you ignore artifact bugs? Fix this and not disabling light shafts. Ridiculous.
  3. Also invisible reaper Kings. I have videos of tames dying to surface reaper king when clearly it is invisible. Submitted a ticket to get generic message a week later saying your ticket is closed. Also there are flying defense units. Outside of your bite are for many tames. Will hit you until you die. My strategy is to jump off the ledge and then spawn bite because they will spawn inside your hot box for a few moments. Make sure to carry light pets if you are planning on staying in lunar for a while.
  4. Ongoing meshing Meshing going on now on my server. Still an open ticket and trying to contact devs. Nothing was done last time they were caught doing it. Can a dev come and stop the bs? We got a few specimens from the meshers but they have tek tapes in the mesh wiping towers right now.
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