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  1. this doesnt work for me at all now
  2. pvp Down with D9

    we had a huge war with d9 months ago and ended up losing. killed alot of their poop tho
  3. how can they invade a crossark? its isolated
  4. Will Duping be fixed with new servers?

    you cant fix duping since it exploits the games vulnerabilities... to fix duping requires all vulnerabilities to be currently patched which is improbable..
  5. i got the update but now im getting connection timeout on some servers. i tested same servers on windows and they work fine!
  6. my macbook usually gets an update 1-2 days after the windows release
  7. server has only 2 players and get a timeout when attempting to join EU CROSSARK 7 THE CENTER
  8. All the trip wires are unconnected after one of the recent patches. They havent been moved or touched
  9. Vaults and update 258

    my rafts vault is now stuck in mid air in middle of nowhere
  10. i have no other issues in any other game either but this game was crashing randomly on loading, ingame (when c4 explodes or theres dust in the air). my computer would restart randomly. i underclocked my card (390x) to 1050mhz (its stock OC at 1100), and havent had one crash since..
  11. underclock your gpu a little bit, (10-50mhz) on core and some on memory
  12. the notifications that used to be sent from official servers to the forum in https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/notifications/ doesnt appear to be functional anymore...