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  1. Thylacoleo

    I just flew through the Redwood area when I got jumped by ne of these cats on an Argent. I knocked me off the mount, I opened a parachute to land safely and whistled the argent to follow me straight away. Unfornately all it did was stay stuck in the air, while the Thylacoleo killed it, even though the cat was on the floor.
  2. 2 Pteranodons vanishing after entering a building Entered a building with 2 Pteras on follow, when I came back out they were both gone. There's no message in the log saying they got killed.
  3. Report abuse system

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if the report system actually worked, I filled out the form a couple times, tried to submit it but I didn't get a message that my submission was successful. Thanks!