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  1. can we get more details on this asia network change? there are no real details on the WHY? this is a drastic change to just be rolling out in such a short amount of time. some people will want to move their entire base so they aren't cut off from their friends.. is this going to happen on ps4 and xbox also?
  2. ya i paid for the game, i was playing according to all stated terms, and my base was tiny, it was 4-12 ceilings plus a raft and i helped noobs learn the game and gave away tames sometimes and helped explain how to transfer if thats the kind of play they want to eliminate, first , what the raptor, and second, WARN US IN GAME
  3. Wow a little warning IN GAME about the beginner servers would've made way too much sense i guess huh? ive been playing on a beginer server for months for the challenge, no transfers in, harsh level cap, no way to get certain saddles etc except for through caves i have been working on excellent breeding lines of megatheriums and chalicotheriums and argies and found saddle blueprints from caving and was enjoying the damn game on there for a while.. now its all gone, there was no warning on the servers themselves or on the login screen, i had no indication that the months of work would just be lost instantly without warning... this is the 2nd time my server was totally lost too, i was on 383 official island pve when that one was entirely lost to some sort of backup error and crash.. so ive been on 898 trying to enjoy the game there since and now its also lost.. raptor-ING-poop can you stop deleting my months of work over and over without any warning im likely to see?
  4. i literally only made a base on 383, and regathered all of the damn alpha heads.. for a third time , because i lost my 135 on a bugged titan king kill and lost the character with double ascension .. so i made a base on 383 to have an island base to redo the damn ascension again, for the 3rd time... now i lose it again.. raptoring hell.. i didn't lose as much as some of you, but its so agonizing that this is the THIRD raptorING TIME i lost a 130ish character
  5. they should leave the damn servers down incase they find a backup, so new people don't start building up new things on there and then they are faced with restoring the backups or leaving the new people.. why would they even bother putting up an empty completely fresh server with the same old number?
  6. This is the 3rd time ive lost a double ascended character, third time.. that was the 3rd time i had to get an alpha dragon head too.. lost 2 boss rex teams, a boss theri team, 3 extremely good gigas, a 128ish character, and the damn alpha heads that i use for ascension, the alpha dragon is NOT easy to get uggghhhhh why are they even bothering to put the servers back up if they are totally reset? WILL we get the characters back?
  7. IntangirV

    999 PS4 pve

    I also lost my character in the same event. 999 ps4 pve massively raptored up poop right here..
  8. that did not work for us i was also in the 999 event.. lost a level 100 with alpha ascension and beta rockwell it locked up the whole game so we couldn't even spawn as a level 1, and when i relogged the character wasn't in ob, and wasn't restored, just gone along with like 20-30 other people, we all lost our characters. not one person who went into the beam was ok
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