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  1. Thank you. I am going to have a tribemate try the crafting character deal.
  2. Enforcer Question on Level of BP vs Level of Enforcer ... Question on Enforcers ... I have noticed when killing them, sometimes their levels drop in the BP versus what they are in the wild. For instance, I killed a 135 and the BP was 132. Another time I killed a 135 and the BP was 135 (with 100% or more across all stats). I just killed a 150 with one bite from a giga, and the BP is 142 with mixed percentages. Anyone give me any idea how those things work? Is there a trick to getting the best stats and level when killing? Thanks!
  3. PRO: Just trying to alert you to this, as Tweets, and that topic, aren't replied to: And, just because I don't want to be "that guy" ... PRO: On the surface, having the event overall is quite fun, especially on PvE servers where people did the "first at" the gifts, and others flew off to others. CON: Those that lose the Christmas spirit on PvE servers, doing server jumping to servers they aren't even established on with drakes to "steal" gifts, laugh and cuss out the servers, then leave. Overall though, I enjoyed it!
  4. Gachaclaus Dermis Broke on Taxidermy (invisible) Since the Christmas event ended, Gachaclaus dermis is broken and invisible on the taxidermy stands. Is this by design, or broke? This is the same with the Super Turkeys. Speculation that it worked only during event on purpose, however, would like some official word on this, and if it is an oversight, would be awesome to get a fix. Also, would be cool if during the fix they apply adding the Christmas hat on it as they did not initially have a hat on them. Pic is when they did work during the event. Thank you
  5. My first two Ice eggs I tried to transfer were ate by Ark. Did the upload type of transfer. I tested again with a low level egg, this time on me, and Ark ate it, too. Side note: friend was able to take Ice raised on Valg off to Ext and deploy it no problem. It had the Wyv icon, not the raptor icon, so it seems the icon pretty well dictates if it can be transferred off in cryo and redeployed, or not.
  6. I had a lvl 55 event that cryoed as a baby and showed the wyvern icon rather than the raptor. I have been able to move that in cryo to SE map, deploy, cryo, and take back to Valg and re-deploy. So at the moment, it appears if it shows a Wyv as the icon, it is normal and fixed. I also had 17 Wyv raising that when I cryoed after a few imprints and they were Juvi, the icon changed from raptor to wyvern, and still are wyv every time I cryo. I havent tried taking them off Valg yet. Don't know if it is because of their raise status, or if it was because they were out of cryo during the l
  7. Ice Wyv from Valg Stuck in CryoPod ... Cannot deploy on any server I believe this has been an issue for a while that I recently personally have been affected by. Just wondering if anyone heard of an update or know a work-around. I am on PS4 PvE Official Servers. After hearing of Ice Wyv eggs from Valg disappearing when trying to transfer them to another server (after I had the problem), I decided to hatch and cryo, then move them off to another server. I did notice the graphic showed a raptor on the cryo, however, the ice Wyv info was in there. I did this, and when I got to my o
  8. What about a weekend during the summer where Scorched Earth has all weather events be heat waves with Phoenix constantly spawning. A dog days of summer heat deal.
  9. Sorry for delay in responding. Platforms are for the Wyverns to stand on. It puts their head at exact level where the Phoenix usually stays throughout the heatwave (at the top). You can still manage to hit them from the ground, looking up, but I like to make sure it is exact on for maximum taming effectiveness.
  10. Hey all! I have tamed 32 Phoenix to date, and I have just updated my 2018 video to 2019, making it a cleaner video with a slightly cleaner build ... with my method, everyone can trap and tame their own Phoenix. Don't buy a clone, tame your own! I did this on PS4 PvE Official Servers, but should work across the board. There are other methods (just pillars and ceilings, etc.) that work as well, but I have used this method for over a year and it works 100% of the time. Happy hunting!
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