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  1. Thank you. I am going to have a tribemate try the crafting character deal.
  2. Enforcer Question on Level of BP vs Level of Enforcer ... Question on Enforcers ... I have noticed when killing them, sometimes their levels drop in the BP versus what they are in the wild. For instance, I killed a 135 and the BP was 132. Another time I killed a 135 and the BP was 135 (with 100% or more across all stats). I just killed a 150 with one bite from a giga, and the BP is 142 with mixed percentages. Anyone give me any idea how those things work? Is there a trick to getting the best stats and level when killing? Thanks!
  3. PRO: Just trying to alert you to this, as Tweets, and that topic, aren't replied to: And, just because I don't want to be "that guy" ... PRO: On the surface, having the event overall is quite fun, especially on PvE servers where people did the "first at" the gifts, and others flew off to others. CON: Those that lose the Christmas spirit on PvE servers, doing server jumping to servers they aren't even established on with drakes to "steal" gifts, laugh and cuss out the servers, then leave. Overall though, I enjoyed it!
  4. Gachaclaus Dermis Broke on Taxidermy (invisible) Since the Christmas event ended, Gachaclaus dermis is broken and invisible on the taxidermy stands. Is this by design, or broke? This is the same with the Super Turkeys. Speculation that it worked only during event on purpose, however, would like some official word on this, and if it is an oversight, would be awesome to get a fix. Also, would be cool if during the fix they apply adding the Christmas hat on it as they did not initially have a hat on them. Pic is when they did work during the event. Thank you
  5. What about a weekend during the summer where Scorched Earth has all weather events be heat waves with Phoenix constantly spawning. A dog days of summer heat deal.
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