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  1. [PC] Fear Valguero PVPVE Server This is a budding community and we are welcome to have rules and mods change depending on the view of the active community once we get underway. Map: Valguero Mod Collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1889023510 Discord: https://discord.gg/cnMN3FB Server IP: Server Stats: Offline Raid Protection after 1 hour of all Tribe Members Offline. Max Dino Level: 300 Rare Sightings & Primal Fear Mod Can Supersede that limit making rare high powered dinos. Death Penalty: 2.5% XP loss This is due to Death Inventory Keeper, You will keep all items upon death. Craft & Harvest XP Gain: Only 35% of base Game Kill XP Gain**:** 85% of Base Game Passive XP Gain: 75% of Base Game Why?: Its meant to make leveling harder and the game take a bit of time to progress thru and focus on killing and surviving vs Crafting & Harvesting. Primal Fear is a progression based system so this is to help accentuate that feeling. What can Spawn?: Everything, including Bosses Pegomastix & Ichiornis Spawn replaced with Ovis Dino Spawns: 25% More Dinos in the world Taming Speed: 1.75x Food Drain: 5x Note: Primal Fear has Taming Helpers & Advanced Narcotics to help boost taming speeds to up to 500x in game further. Tamed Dino Food Drain: 50% Slower Tamed Dino Stamina Recovery: 25% Faster Tamed Dino Heal Speed: 20% Faster Player Heal Speed: 20% Faster Egg lay Interval: 15% more eggs Mating Interval: 50% Shorter Refresh Time Egg Hatch & Baby Maturation Speeds: 5x Faster Affinity: Affinity now gives 30% Better stats instead of 25% @ 100% Affinity Care: Any tribe members can care for babies Baby Food: babies only eat 30% as much as base game. Engrams: All Available, All Auto-Unlocked Player Stats: Boosted Starting & Boosted Per Level Gain, Will go more in detail if asked Tamed & Wild Dino Stats: Varying Boosts from base game, will go into detail if asked. Harvest Speed: 2.5x Resource Health: 4x *Means more resources available from 1 Tree/Rock/Bush/etc. Resources Respawn: 25% Faster Crop Growth Speed: 3.5x Day & Night: Split 70/30 for Day/Night ----------------------------------------- Evolution Event Weekends ------------------------------------------------------ Every Friday 6PM EST - Monday 6AM 2x based off above values 2x Harvest Speed, Resource Health 2x Taming Speed, Food Drain 2x Baby Maturation, Egg Hatch Speed 2x XP Gain
  2. [PC] Fear Valguero PVPVE Server PVP is welcomed and raiding is open but be respectful towards others on the server. This is a budding community and we are welcome to have rules and mods change depending on the view of the active community once we get underway. Map: Valguero Mod Collection Offline PVP Protection after 1 Hour of all members offline Boosted Harvest Rates,Resource Spawn Rates, Resource Health Boosted Baby Maturation Speeds Reduced Baby Eating Rates, Egg Lay/Pregnancy Timers 2x Taming Speed, 10x Food Drain Speed (Primal Fear also included Tame Helpers which drain speed of food and keep torpor up) Enhanced (Balanced for Primal Fear) Starting Stats & Stats per level. Server will be on 24/7 Discord Server IP:
  3. Remove Force Engram Page on Level Up Is there some way either thru the game ini or thru a mod that I cant seem to find that would stop the game from taking you to the engram page after allocating points after leveling up? So when you have a level up you spend the point and then you can get out of the menu without it taking you to the engram page. I run a server with some hidden engrams and want to remove more due to overlapping mod items but once you get so many things hidden the game lags when opening up the engram page and so when leveling up you get the lag and so ive let the idea go but want to know if there was a way to avoid the freeze after level up. All engrams are auto learned on my server so other than to see the level of something there is no need to open the page otherwise. Any help would be appreciated!
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