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  1. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Talk a little about PRIMAL SURVIVAL.
  2. ARK Primal Survival

    Dude... I'm crazy about this mod too... But with the amount of information that we have about Primal Survival, I don't think it was a wise decision... It's a small mod of an EA game of a small team... Development priority of Primal Survival os probabily very low. The WS team was at an event in late Feb ( Twitter logs ), everything will be delayed for a week or two. I dont mind the delays... Releasing a game too early demands a lot of time solving player issues and explaning what is the meaning of "playing an unfinished product". But I agree that they should update their release dates. Jen ( a member of the team ) said somewhere ( i dont know where too ) it was delayed... But every official source still says "late feb".
  3. Need Tips of what to do in SP

    I see... But trap is exactly what i see as glitchy. Only works because of poor AI and odd gameplay mechanics...
  4. Need Tips of what to do in SP

    Funny, as you wrote this I was trying to building something... I play on Ps4 ( no mods, even Pri+ ), my last base was a cube, I'm trying to improve it to something that is not only a storage room... It already took me 6 hours between gathering and fighting the snap points... But would be a new hobby, as you suggested =P A lot to improve, and figured out that my own artistic vein is a little off. Some Pics:
  5. How many players on the PS4?

    Split Screen drops the FPS by a little, less noticeably on a PS4 Pro. Theres a limit of around 500 meters of distance that player 2 can be from player 1... But it was never a problem for me. Keep in mind that this can be frustrating for some... If player 1 dies, player 2 will be teleported to player 1 respawn point. I also play with my GF, since shes not used to games as I, her tolerance for frustrations is far lower =P If your case is the same, let her play as player 1. But... if she playes as player 1, the "world save state" will be kept in her account... Enough of cons... Splitscreen Ark is a lot of fun. While most games are overlooking this feature, Ark is at least trying. Local splitscreen also means no lag, no ping... The game runs much better. If you configure your game difficult right ( I can help with that, PM me if needed ), you can get rid of some grind that is not meant for singleplayer since the game time only passes when you are playing, while online is real time. And sharing despair, joy, fear, satisfaction of a survival game with someone that is next by your side is an experience that should never be overlooked.
  6. How many players on the PS4?

    Played on both... With a high end PC graphics is much better... Also, i really miss the shortcuts that the keyboard provides. Ps4 also don't provide mod support. However in the end I bought Ark for PS4 mainly for the SplitScreen. I don't play online much, but i check the servers from time to time. At dawn ( when i play ) most servers i see are at 50% to 100% capacity.
  7. Need Tips of what to do in SP

    Thanks for the reply! I agree with all the pros of online gaming... But I have some fatal problems with online gaming: 1) Ping... I can't get pings below 200ms 2) Time... I play SP with 5x harvest and breeding rates... And the grind is huge already. And because of my work, sometimes I need to travel for 1 or 2 weeks... So I don't think i could handle online ark. 3) In PVP ppl exploit all kind of gameplay odds, glitches and bugs... Most of the times variety is killed due only few playstyles being viable. Onion building, for example... And since a great part of the game become destroying what others built, the grind factor raises a lot.
  8. Need Tips of what to do in SP Hello, I'm playing Scorched Earth singleplayer for a month now. I want to take a break from all the breeding, but I'm a little out of ideas... I don't wanna go to take down ( tame/milk ) wyverns yet... Most methods to take them down solo seems a little buggy now. Also, I've visited a cave in early game. Don't know the name, but it's the one you access in a narrow ravine. It was a little... Short? And, at the time, I got a little angry because my Saber got stuck and vanished after awhile. Maybe give another try to explore caves? They all are short as the one i visited? They are all buggy? Go to The Island or The Center to explore underwater world?
  9. Issue with Pachyrhinosaurus laying eggs

    I had same issues... Theres a limit of eggs on the ground... I know that theres a limit to total eggs ( of any kind ) and eggs of same creature. Fertilized or Not, every egg count towards the limit. So... I've spaced my breeding pens a lot... And spray females that i know i don't wanna lay eggs. Also, i collect every egg on the ground before any breeding. Never had problems again.
  10. Dinosaur Soccer / Football

    As a brazillian, I need to support this suggestion =P Raptor Cup would be awsome, and don't seem hard/"time consuming" to implement at all. Let me give a suggestion of my own over your suggestion: Item: Ball: Throwable item persistent in the world. Obeying some simple physics. Item: Sport Gloves: Lets you catch the Ball with the catch button. And throw it with the Attack Button. Can catch the ball that other players are holding. Item: Sport Boots: Lets you kick the Ball with the attack button, and "push" it just by touching it. Can kick the ball that other players are holding. Dinos are always considered to be using Sport Boots. Throw and Kick strength should be based on Melee Damage =P Image how many sports be could create with 3 simple items ! Raptor Soccer Ptera Quidditch Rock Elemental Football ...
  11. The idea is good. I'm a PS4 player myself. Never played online since I've played a lot of games of this kind with open PVP and I think humanity is not ready for PVP yet. It's like giving kids the power to do everything they want, and instead of doing great things they just wanna piss off someone else. I agree that a coop mode would be great in ARK. But I also doubt that it's a viable suggestion... It would derail so much from original concept. But hey, we will get the option to play as a dino. So who knows? Anyway, for this option I agree with some other users: trying to find a good PVE server would be a small confort. Human allies is something easy to implement that would do great for SinglePlayer. They could gather stuff, protect the bases and such. However, they need to implement a task system. Like allow any dino ( human or not ) to be assigned a task, like to gather, to defend an area, etc. The the "human NPCs" and "Allow Tasks" should be server options turned off by default. P.s.: Just ignore rage posts... Understand that they like the game as is, and don't want it to be changed... And I don't know why, but sometimes optional features seems to be a threat ( marriage laws irl... ) Focus your replies on the ones who gives positive or negative constructive feedback, rage posts leads only to mess.
  12. Hello, I made a suggestion to choose the dino AI based on health tiers. It can cover your suggestion. Can you support the post with a comment?
  13. "Follow that"whistle

    Good suggestion. I also made a suggestion that could help in that regard. If you could post a comment, or upvote if like enough, maybe we could get more visibility. Please, take a look at Item 3 of my post:
  14. Admin Command: Delete all items on ground

    Whoa... Never had hit that button. Helps a lot. I'll try. Have any idea of the safe distance? Thanks for the help!
  15. Update: Edited the original post with: -Rewrote some parts, for better understanding. -Added some of Darinth and GreenSoups2HoT suggestions.