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  1. Good suggestion. I also made a suggestion that could help in that regard. If you could post a comment, or upvote if like enough, maybe we could get more visibility. Please, take a look at Item 3 of my post:
  2. Whoa... Never had hit that button. Helps a lot. I'll try. Have any idea of the safe distance? Thanks for the help!
  3. Update: Edited the original post with: -Rewrote some parts, for better understanding. -Added some of Darinth and GreenSoups2HoT suggestions.
  4. Great suggestion... And great presentation of it. I'm a PS4 player, but supporting this suggestion would benefit everyone. Adding it to my sig in - little - hope of raising it's relevancy.
  5. I dont have much MP experience in Ark yet, but this was an issue in mostly every other game of this kind I've played. And currently Ark don't seem to be doing anything different to avoid this kind of issues. One of the reasons that I'm staying away from the MP is because of issues like this. Implementation of this suggestion would be a step in direction of making Ark more attractive to players overburned by the - sadly - classic issues of games of its kind. P.S.: I also want to give this suggestion a *bump* because of the effort put into really solving a issue, not only demand it to be solved.
  6. Yes... And when they get stuck in a rock... Floating names helps a lot. Hum... Yes... Could get messy.
  7. Your suggestion is to have it as an option. Right? I like the system as is... And many does and sincerely I cant see it changing drastically. But... As an option... It could be a addition to the whole game. You can have only one "bonded" tame, with all bonuses as you mentioned, on top of the existing system. When starting a server the admin could have the option to: "Bonding" So we could have all 4 combinations. 1) With Tame ( current ) 2) Without Tame ( current ) 3) Tame + Bond ( new ) 4) Bond Only ( Suggested )
  8. 1. Agreed 2. A must... Floating names is a easy fix that would greatly improve the gameplay. I play on PS4 too, and I'm constantly turning floating names on/off. I've added a suggestion on how to solve it, please would you consider to comment my post to raise its visibility? 3. Agreed but I think the whole snap system need to be redone, together with better controls over it... It's a little annoying that you cannot reattach foundations to other structures. If you want to make a bridge, for exemple, you need to make a "trick" of pillars and ceilings to correctly reattach the foundations on the other side... The way I see on youtube videos, the whole process to build good sctructures revolves around tricking the current system. The sad part is that ppl who master the tricks call it "skills" rather than "glitchy" and sometimes vote against it, saying "its nothing wrong, you need to learn."
  9. Yes... Minor Reason: When I drop a lot of items the PS4 becomes a little laggy Major Reason: Is a pain when you wait a long mating delay, and a dino lays no egg due egg limit in the area.
  10. I kinda agree... And the quick fix also attenuate the problam enough. The elaborated is more a luxury than a real gain. Happy to know that I'm not the only having issues with this... Sad to know that I'm not the only one having issues with this. =P I did not noticed that. But, as you said in the next paragraph, it's still doable "pushing" the setting to the creatures of the group. I don't think its that complex at all. State wise, keeping the health tiers in 4, the creatures just need to store 4 flags instead of 1. Pushed on demand, like you said on previous paragraph. Currently the creatures have a least one flag slot for behavior ( passive, neutral or agressive ), they just need to raise to 4 and for the AI allow us use the ones already set into the game.. Parasaurs run, some creatures run when health is low, some creatures attack when attacked... As the player having problems with the AI... If they use the same AI routines that the wild creatures already have, I dont see a problem. However... I can't say for sure since my lack of experience with Ark MP. Can I ask why? I know that, like the grappling hook, the leash would not have colision with objects along the length due performance issues. And I don't mind if the feature is implemented without a leash, just configurating a point of origin. But I like to hear your reasons, if possible. And thanks very much for the replies!
  11. Added some clarification, and changed "collar" to "leash", makes more sense.
  12. Hello, How can I delete all items droped on ground in my server/singleplayer ? Theres an admin command for it? Items on ground i mean pop, droped items, eggs, etc
  13. Hello, I'm new to Ark, 150 hours, played it for the last week of my vacation. Also, I have only SinglePlayer experience, on PS4 PRO. In spite of that, most of my suggestions will be pragmatic instead of changes to the whole game. To other players: please, give this list a try and comment to raise its relevancy... I belive that everyone will like the suggestions. And beforehand: sorry my bad english... I will try to keep it simple. This post will have four major topics: 1. Floating Names 2. Tamed Creature Management 3. Tamed Creature AI improvements 4. Leash: Simple solution to mating distance and other issues Let's start: Floating Names Need more options. Currently we have two options: "all on" pollutes the beautiful visuals WildCard so carefully created. Not to mention the performance impact. "all off" have negative impact on gameplay, since is hard ( maybe impossible ) to asset wild dino stats ( level, gender ) before engaging it. Easy quick fix: We need, at least, to turn it partially on/off: - Floating Names On ( current ) - Floating Names Off ( current ) - Show Floating Names in Aim/Pointed only A little more elaborated fix: Option to change floating names behavior to different creature types: Legend: -Type --Option ( only one allowed ) -Tamed Creatures --Show All --Hide All --In Aim/Pointed Only --Tribe Only --Following Only ( helps when creatures get stuck ) --Whistle Group Only -Wild Creatures --Show All --Hide All --In Aim/Pointed Only --Engaged Only -Players --TODO ( I don't play MP ) Tamed Creature Management Current wheel system takes a looong time to do a decent management simply because the wheel closes everytime a decision is made. Another problem, enlighted by Darinth, is when you need to go across options, like when changing following distance from Low to Medium without passing for Lowest. And a last problem that could be solved is the need to reconfigure creature options ( following distance, etc ) for each new creature. We need to improve this and use some kind of default configuration groups. I will try to use current Whistle Groups for it, to avoid a UI area. Quick fix: -Wheel can be kept, but one add an wheel option that enters a "creature configuration menu". This menu is persistent, thus will allow easier editing of multiple options. -Under the existing Group Whistle Configurations, add the option, in each group individually, to configure creature behavior in the group. These configurations are the same ones as we do to individual creatures. -Now back the the Creature Configuration Menu, for each option, add a checkbox to "override Group Whistle behavior" This way, the creature will not adopt a specifc configuration of it's group. Problem with this suggestion: creature can have multiple W.Groups and W. Groups configurations are different for each player. Currently, all groups are called whistle groups. Let's say that group configurations is just "creature groups" now. Creatures can be added to a "Creature Group" as a Whistle Groups, like its possible now. My suggestion is to add a new set where a creature can be added: - Behavior Group. Each creature, different from W. Groups, can only be in ONE behavior group ( of the same player ) Also, a new Whistle Type need to be created: -Whistle: Group Behavior The point of this new Whistle is to be able to use the current whistles ( neutral, agressive, passive ) as a temporary behavior override, for flexibility. The "Group Behavior" will take creature back to the behavior of its group. Tamed Creature AI improvements In larger packs of tamed creatures, combat becomes more management and less participation of the player itself. Creatures should have more options. Suggestion that uses already implemented ingame creature AIs: Configurations of creature behavior in four health tiers ( creature health, not player health ): 0% ~ 25% 25% ~ 50% 50% ~ 75% 75% ~ 100% For each health tier, the player can configure the creature behavior: -- Neutral ( as already in game ) -- Agressive ( as already in game ) -- Passive ( as already in game ) -- Self Defense ( attack only the creature that attacked it ) -- Evade ( as already in game, but only for wild creatures ) The "Evade" option should not make the creature run forever ( unless its a first implementation ). The creature should run only while being chased, and when not, return to its previous activity ( following someone or standing somewhere ). Some creatures ingame already have this AI. So, for example, we could configure a Raptor to: When 0% ~ 25% health: Evade When 25% ~ 50% health: Self Defense When 50% ~ 75% health: Neutral When 75% ~ 100% health: Aggressive Update, Technical Issue: Darinth came up with the question of client side aspect of Whistle Groups. Currently, the creature probably already have one server side flag: state of agressive, passive or neutral. For this little more advanced AI they will need only to add 3 state slots ( one for eath health tier ). Configuration of behavior in Whiste Groups ( now Creature Groups ) can continue client side. The configurations should be pushed to the server ( creature ) only when: -Changing the configuration of the group ( update all creatures of the group ) -Adding a creature to that group ( update added creature ) -Whistle the new whistle "Group Behavior" ( update all creatures of the group ) Leash: Simple solution to mating distance and other issues The mating system is... not good. I mean, the whole breeding system is great, but the part where the players need to cage creature together to keep them in mating distance... is bad... and ugly. The way it is done ( by players ), its looks more like a glitch than a feature. Quick fix without needing to redesign the whole system: A collar... like a real life dog collar with a leash. Leashes could be attached to a Pillar. When attached to a creature and a pillar, the creature can not walk away of the pillar more than the leash length. So Leashes could be creafted in various lengths Visually will be better since creature may roam semi-free out of ugly crafted/hard to manage improvised cages. Long leashes can also be used to create gate-less parks or use dinos as guardians of an area. An option to turn off the leashes visual could help in over crowded areas. Simple executions of this idea, to better integrate with current system: -Leashes can be creafted in various lengths -Leash tiers: stronger leashes to keep bigger creatures -High end leashes: dinamically configurable leash length Extensions of the idea: -Leashes could be attached directly to a creature. But also could be required the creature to have collars, harnesses or saddles. Allowing the other users ideas to add equips to the creatures other than saddles. -Smaller dinos could be leashed to larger dinos to create defense perimeter that avoid chasing off creature too far away Even easier alternative, without physical leashes: -Just add an option under creatures "max wandering distance" and "set origin" --Max Wandering Distance could be simple as Very Low, Low ... Very High. --Origin point is to set where is the origin of this "distance" value. Thanks for reading!
  14. Hello, I'm about to purchase the PS4 version of the game. I'm attracted to the concept of the game, but i've turned it down because i'm not a multiplayer person anymore. When i heard about singleplayer mode, and better offline coop splitscreen, the game got my attention again. So, my questions are about singleplayer mode, and coop splitscreen on PS4. I did a little digging about the game, but I think I'll be better with opinions of the ones that already play the game. Can you help me? 1) Games like Rust are built around multiplayer experience. The survival aspect of Rust is more about other players. Ark singleplayer have any survival challange? 2) Once I've built my "base", the game offer any challenge to it? IA attacks the base? I mean, in singleplayer, theres any motivation to build besides the fun of building it? 3) PS4 splitscreen performance... It's ok? 4) Would you play the game if it was only singleplayer? Thanks in advance! And sorry my bad english.