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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Hello, I'm in a group of friends with some ideas to a singleplayer ( or small group coop ) mod. However, some of the ideas needs a better pathfinding algorithm to be better enjoyed. The modding tools ( devkit or whatever ) are powerful enough so we can improve dinos pathfinding? I know the algorithm is simple so servers can handle everything moving around for all its players... But with in singleplayer mod we can afford to pay this price.
  2. Egg and Poop physics!

    Need to be solved... Egg and Dino collision is the most frustrating part of the game for me... Egg falls under, dino hatch and cant move unless i destroy my structure.
  3. Ressurecting this suggestions post: Updated to reflect current state of the game ( 1 year of patches and gameplay ) and to add some new suggestions. Still the same issues... Pathfinding, dino AI, dino collision ( getting stuck ) still the main reason I sometimes rage quit the game for awhile...
  4. TLC Patches + Aberration

    I agree that we need more diversity in aberration. We are a bit without options of medium sized creatures ( carno size is already too big for me ) And i'm not sure why Thylacoleos arent there =/
  5. TLC Patches + Aberration

    hahaha, maybe not that much... But "glowing in the dark" horns would be cool:
  6. Mating System Solution: Pheromones

    Never tryed, but worth it. However, when the dino is following the player, dino info pop up window says "disable following to mate". Probably its following in general...
  7. The mating system is... not good. I mean, the whole breeding system is great, but the part where the player need to cage creature together to keep them in mating distance... is bad... not fun, causes a lot of bugs ( visual and clipping ones too) and the cages built to keep the creatures close looks horrible due the attempt to make the creatures stay close together. The way it is done ( by players ) looks more like a glitch than a feature. And the spam "stay" is not a solution at all and unavaliable to console players. The issues of this single system alone made many friends of mine avoid the game =/ A simple solution would be: Add an option to "Enable/Disable Pheromones" on female creatures. With this option enabled, and wandering enabled, and is ready to mate, the female will start to emit pheromones. Males with this option enabled, and wandering enabled, will move to the closest female emiting pheromone of its species, and will always wanter close to it, allowing they to stay in the mating distance. This would look better and at sametime would greatly improve breeding gameplay.
  8. Hello, Simple and recurrent suggestion: 4 new sliders in server configuration window: Durabality Loss Multiplier Affect how much durability is lost in items. Setting to 0 would disable durab loss at all. Stack Qty Multiplier Change the max stack size for all items. Container Slots Multiplier Change the slots of containers. Engram Points Multiplier Changes the ammount of engram points earned per level up. Why this request? Many players want to reduce the time managing inventory on their servers and this will help a lot. Not a hard request and will the happiness of many. For console users this is even worse, since we cant rely on mods to do this. Engram slider is needed for SP.
  9. Want to know if theres a toggle option for PS4 also...
  10. Community Crunch 115!

    Greeaat! =) Just waiting for S+ on PS4 to get Aberation and return.
  11. Underwater and Dungeons

    Hello, I'm going back to check this Aberration DLC. But, besides the new DLC, I want to try two features that I've skipped in the past: 1) Underwater experience ( mostly played scorched earth ) 2) Dungeons ( played SP most of the time and they were empty there ) Aberration have dungeons and underwater areas? Or it's better I focus on other maps for it? I'm a PS4 player, so... Ragnarok, The Isle or The Center?
  12. Structures +

    Well.. Sorry for the post ressurection, but... S+ made it to PS4?
  13. Aberration and SinglePlayer

    hahaha, but I'm sure no one made cozy cabins for u like I do to my dinos. And still they just move away of each other when things are almost there. Wait... maybe they are actively avoiding the babies after all the fun? Smart teenagers...
  14. Hello! I'm almost buying Aberration to play Ark again. I'm a PS4 SinglePlayer player, and how is Aberration with SinglePlayer? P.S.: I've played a lot of scorched earth and only quit because got a little angry with the need to carefully park dinos to breed since they seem to have no sexual desire ( that part is still in game, right? )
  15. Comming Back after 6 months

    Thanks! 1. Yes... but advertised as having singleplayer options Thanks very much! I'm on PS4 ( far as I know: no mod support ), I wil hold on for a little longer.