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  1. Yes , they're just delayed like every other server.
  2. Non tek will have firearms. Primitive does not, at least I don't think it does. Not advanced weaponry anyway i.e Sniper rifles and rocket launchers.
  3. Well now that's only partially true. You got the game at a discount for buying it EA.
  4. Prepare yourself the *you got to keep some servers* are incoming.
  5. Says before Saturday, but it doesn't say which Saturday. Probably the Saturday after launch. Or maybe the Saturday after that?
  6. It's been listed for awhile that there would be no transfer between legacy and new servers. Legacy will still receive full support i.e updates and dlc (for as long as legacy remains active anyway) so if you wanna transfer between legacy servers you can.
  7. They can't even get the bookmark tab to work.
  8. Y'all act like we get our tickets answered anyway.
  9. Lmao shutting the servers down for 8 hours on release day. No Legacy won't get support if your dino is lost or stuck or things like that. We still get everything the new servers get, honestly it's not like we were getting much help anyway.
  10. Be ready to see tons of cloned tribes. What with the ability to share xbox live on a single console it won't cost anything to grab a bunch of email accounts and create a slew of new gamertags just so they can create extra tribes to hold their excess dinos. It's already happening. All we will see is server after server hitting it's tame cap, I sincerely doubt it'll change the amount of platform saddles with structures on them.
  11. Wait, so the current rates are actually 2x? Lmao.
  12. Dude it was announced delayed till the 29th. Along with the full release.
  13. Why would they open the new servers if they are delaying the retail release? The whole point of the new servers was to give the new players a place to start on even ground. I
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