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  1. Eps

    Crash fix?

    Yep! https://steamdb.info/patchnotes/4904191/ <- Broke it https://steamdb.info/patchnotes/4904592/ <- Correct PDB to fix it New PDB Was released Update your server to fix.
  2. Eps

    Crash fix?

    Wildcard has changed something and it's failing to hook correctly. Why ask when it was clearly and incompatibility caused by a 3rd party software hooking the process that is now changed from previous versions. Running something like this always inherently comes with this exact risk.
  3. Eps

    Crash fix?

    ARK API is causing your crashes. Rename version.dll to stop it loading to get them starting without plugins. Go hunt for support at https://arkserverapi.com/
  4. My dinos are going to have so much sex
  5. You can on your own server - WildCard have expressed concern for abuse of an API in regards to: for reasons of websecurity and site performance, we can not handle the web notifications for unofficial servers. So we have exposed the system for custom use, if anyone wants to write a basic web service - To handle alarm web notifcations on a custom server, you have to start your server with "-webalarm" and have a valid AlarmPostCredentials.txt in your Saved/ folder. AlarmPostCredentials.txt is a text file that contains two lines of data. The first line is a web api key and the other is the url to use. e.g., /ShooterGame/Saved/AlarmPostCredentials.txt 01234abcedf01234abcedf https://mywebsite.com/index.php?myowncustom=thing&another=thing Note: You don't actually have to handle a valid key on webservice side if you don't want to but you will still have to have something inside this file. The server will make a HTTP POST with "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" data that includes key, steamid, title, and message. e.g., key=01234abcedf01234abcedf&steamid=0000000000001234&notetitle=Example%2BTitle&message=Example+Message
  6. Really loving the evolution events! We have been taming like crazy the last 2 weekends! it is awesome fun! Please continue this each weekend It's awesome having to only spend half the time taming as previously. (I originally thought it would be better every second weekend, but this can be painful if you can't play that weekend then the following weekend is just normal rates) Please make it a bit clearer exactly when it will start and stop. People constantly ask if it has started or if it has ended. Maybe an InGame server message and countdown to finishing or just an alert to say it is done. Keep the pink text in the start screen and maybe only display it when it is in effect. "Evolution Event is Currently Active! Ending at: 00:00 EST Monday". or something to that effect. It can be hard to tell when it has ended or if it will effect taming mid reduction to normal values. I assume it would, so an announcement or something to let you know in game would be awesome.
  7. I'm curious about key bindings for local split screen on PC. Does it require a controller?
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