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  1. Give us a way to fix messed up taming effectiveness Nothing is worse than spending all day on a really high level tame, only to have a freak accident and damage the dino or have it take some other form of damage (like other dinos glitching into cages for example). Give us something that can reset taming efficiency mid tame, or improve it. For example like dino chocolates but permanent to the game. Make it hard to craft, or perhaps collect from a dangerous dino. The idea of this item or food is for it to be difficult enough to obtain, that it would be saved for emergencies
  2. Can’t join ANY Xbox servers for over 24 hours now So I just want to post a thread to try and highlight the issue more to WC. Have been away on holiday and purposely planned time to make sure stuff didn’t not decay. Im now 24 hours in and I know I am losing stuff every minute. Hundreds of hours gone. This simply should not be happening at this point in this games life. It is years old. We have paid for multiple DLC. You have the money wildcard. There are no more excuses. Played for nearly 3000 hours so I’m fine with losing stuff when it’s part of the gameplay. This is not
  3. Same issue for nearly 12 hours now. Been away for almost a week and don’t want to lose everything.... WC fix your damn game.
  4. Certain things like the Phoenix have needed reworking for ages. This would be good.
  5. This is unfair. Gacha Claus doesn’t work as intended for so many people. Some are getting crystals for one coal, others ten! Next event please explain annoying rng mechanics like this so we know what to do and don’t have to waste our time and resources.
  6. Having this issue on xbox extinction needs to be fixed.
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