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  1. 1023 crashed 1023 is either crashed or rolling back. i believe a playee is duplicating in our cluster
  2. 891 missing for past 3 hours 891 has been going online and offline. ping has been 255 whole time. i feel someone is duplicating due to how the server has never done this before. its annoying and needs looked into
  3. when can we transfer again? how much longer till you guys fix the stupid glitch or what ever it is your fixing? would like to get back to normal game play at some point
  4. alot of servers are effected. not only yours
  5. they wont ban or remove for pilllaring unless blocking dino movement. its considered landnclaiming and how you get alpha status of a server is by claiming at least 20% of the server and having most land out of all current tribes
  6. what the heck is going on wildcard now not only did we lose things on 385 but now we lose 1023 andother servers? what are you guys doing and why are you guys losing so many servers? ever since 3 days before val when you released a patch, we all have had nothing but trouble with servers missing and characters getting deleted. you guys need to actually do something and fix this right. even if got to shut ark down for a day or 2
  7. Spawn trapped i got a characcter with dino out stuck at a base that is built on a major spawn. i cant feed the dino, im stuck in the foundation and cant get unstuck and all doors are also locked. need something done. player has been off for a while and wont be back for maybe another 7 days. i need some help on this. Server is 306 coords is 83.8, 74.8. Tribe is Lords Hunters, owner is GiotekTechnologies character name Gioruzx.
  8. this is what i heard from a player "They will only give exp up to 105. They won't unlock engrams unless you have photo proof of the unlocked engrams. Won't transfer ownership of a tribe unless you have 3 or 4 members to verify you're the owner. And will only replace 25 lvl 201 dinos, and give 250 assorted kibble plus a resource pack to get re-started"
  9. you were suppose to message them and tell them what server you need them to meet you at. if not one show up, let them know on your ticket
  10. it depends how you placed the ticket and their reply to them. mine is still open since saturday
  11. says EU -PVE-PS4Official-Valgruero1111 Valguero_P 76/70. this is crazy. would have thought ark would have fixed issues or be smart to add way more servers
  12. Valguero servers its not a bug or anything but i feel we need more servers on console. too many players and not enough servers. we got servers going to like about 80+ players on some. i cant log on it for hours on end because of lack of servers available
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