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  1. TheGlitterPanda

    video MASSIVE Gacha Crystal Opening!!

    that is alot of crystals XD
  2. TheGlitterPanda

    artwork ARK T-shirt Design

    that looks awesome!
  3. TheGlitterPanda

    video MY FIRST ARK PIXEL ART! 44x44 Ceilings

    Good job! looks awesome!
  4. TheGlitterPanda

    artwork Ark Stuff!

    really nice work, love the wyvern one!
  5. TheGlitterPanda

    aberration the hardest to start up on

    basilisk's are definetly a issue at the portal area, ive always started out at fertile lake much easier and drops seem to be a little more common there
  6. TheGlitterPanda


    i wish the hairs came too, kinda sucks when most people look the same lol
  7. Im honestly excited for the triangles, kinda hoping some point we get a glass varient, like the glass on extinction ramps kinda has a "tek" feel why cant we have jus a tek frame with that glass in it but im overall happy to see new things coming/happening to ark to freshen it up a wee bit.
  8. TheGlitterPanda

    Which charge pet do you carry?

    i usually carry bulbdogs on dangerous adventures, but just for around home or farming things i use shinehorns..i jus think they are cute lil goats
  9. TheGlitterPanda

    artwork Some Fan Art

    woah thats super nice work! love the deathworm picture!
  10. TheGlitterPanda

    So happy, I need to share this :D

    nice congrats!
  11. TheGlitterPanda

    screenshot My new base on the official server

    wow, how long did that take to build? looks great!
  12. TheGlitterPanda

    screenshot ARK Female Body Paints

    Fantastic, Great job, love the obelisk one!
  13. TheGlitterPanda

    artwork Luggage Otter

    that is adorable! Looks great!
  14. TheGlitterPanda


    hi, im Panda, been in ark a long time..i enjoy building mostly though tribe is tryin to get me into breeding goodies so that may be fun i was tryin to access trade forums but since locked gotta start at square 1 XD Usually up to chat and chill with friends or people currently only PvE player, used to be on PvP but took a lil break from it.