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  1. I think he mean Early Access good idea but if a tribe already has high level gear and all the engrams then its just rinse repeating with the XP lvl80 wipes a lvl15's base...lvl80 becomes lvl20 but still has high end gear and a giga to go around munching I jumped on a 220 giga at lvl 15 and 2 runs of meet and carnage saw me at lvl30 in a matter of minutes, there has to be further penalties incorporated
  2. YES, I'm getting sick and tired of my first ever stego tame doing jack squat lol
  3. i'll try to get the Coords but for the time being it is the main canyon on easy spawn, green obi, the desert plateau near metal mountain, canyon leading to blue obi and what we like to call the Crack Heads Teeth opposite side of the map to blue obi
  4. sorry to be negative but I will only get excited when it is a CONFIRMED release for consoles and when it comes to release date that it will ACTUALLY get released. tbh I would prefer optimizations and server improvements over more content that's going to cause more lag and dashboard scenarios. we've actually taken to sign posting the dashboard areas on our map at the moment
  5. I offered the below as a possible solution a while back...
  6. I'm not entirely sure tbf, in PVP the Alphas, yes, would have their wyvern population but with a estimated 7% chance of getting a better hatch would they really risk it? I suppose in that sense then I'm probably leaning towards the PVE element but would it really matter in PVE? they've taken away the option for dino carry so give something back like wyvern breeding but as mentioned the parents would die after breeding or to make it more interesting, your wyvern can ONLY breed with wild wyverns which would mean a mechanic for allowing wandering in the scar and locating the egg via the HUD display location. either way the parents would still have to die at the end of the process. as I said the alternative would be to breed the two wyverns, only get the EXACT same stats as one of the parents and the parents would die but with the reward of a colour mutation.
  7. To your first point, that is the idea, risk two wyverns for the maybe chance of a better one. Rewards vs risk. Alternative to that is allow mating but for mutations only, the parents still die and off spring takes the higher of the two values with the exact same amount of xp so if the parent had 34000/50000 then the baby would have 34000/50000. And to your second point, that would be cool!
  8. I hear you but if I draw your attention to the "chance" part of the post I mention the higher or lower than the parents. A 50% chance the egg will be higher. A 50% chance that 1 good stat is passed on. That's if the stat was the one you wanted. 7 stats per adult, 1 in 14 chance of getting a high stat, 50% chance of a high stat being passed on. 7 x 2 = 14 x 2 = 28 Add in the second adult means you would only have a 1 in 56 chance of getting a good stat, that's not taking into consideration the low chance of the egg being higher than the parents let's say 12.5% chance, that's 1/8th of a chance and you wouldn't be able to rebreed either as the parents would die after laying the egg. Let's also face facts, wyvern have points focused on HP, stam, speed and melee. So the chances of getting a perfect breed would be something like 7% with out the ability to try again and if the egg is lower than the parents it would not breech lvl60 when hatched just to prevent the easy xp gains
  9. I posted a concept on this here ^^^ Unfortunately it was part of a rant which I apologise for
  10. they'll throw the same nonsense at it, "its the games mechanic", "its PVP go play PVE", "git gud or git off" no use posting about it, DEVS don't care if this type of play is happening but maybe one day when their revenues dry up and get themselves into debt they'll go through all their data and records and finally come to realise that little Timmy who played for 3 yrs straight had over 100 000 complaints about abuse and trolling he was doing and who actually took over the servers making none of them playable and causing other would be players to advise against any other would be players about the terrible issues involved and how they wished they hadn't bothered paying the money for a game that's unplayable. I'm surprised there hasn't been anyone sue WC for falsely advertising a multiplayer PVP game where its actually PVB and those who have tried to play cant because of the issues
  11. they should have the PVE 7 day count down mechanic what an absurd thing to do
  12. break down a none critical wall, go find some hungry carnos and kite them back once aggravators are dealt with, double spike the front of your walls and turret the front door. also never place structures on defence walls
  13. it is unfair but WC and the people on power trips playing the game don't care. the thing is, this PVP mentality is just another outlet for bullies or for those who have been bullied to be bullies. and before any grief is given on this then I dare any tribe to show a different colour and allow someone to prove they're not an infiltrator or espionage player. tribe admins have this power to only allow access to certain areas of the base, dino's etc. but it shows the immaturity level when they just go about acting like they own the game and server. I don't see the point, if new players aren't given a chance and existing players either get wiped or/and cant be bothered to restart, then where does that leave PVP? eventually its going to be maximum 3 tribes per server and with all the cross server transfers its soon going to be 1 tribe on all servers. where's the longevity in the game? personally PVP probably would of been better designed with RedvBluevGreen to represent the 3 obelisks giving a new player the option on which tribe they want to join and if they are already a green tribe for example transferring from another server then the only option they have is joining the green tribe of the new server. Somewhat like ESO. no changing allegiances, no trolling, no harassment and community support. but hey, here's hoping. that's why I changed to PVE after 2 weeks of being let down by the school ground bullies. unfortunately friend there is no change forthcoming, the only way to solve the issue is complete server wipes but WC aren't willing to allow everyone's hard work be systematically destroyed however they don't realise they are the demise of their own doom as it is already happening, the complaints cant get any worst than they are if they did. BTW this OP may get moved to General Discussion
  14. Wyvern Breeding I know this has been shot down and burnt at the stake on countless occasions in other posts but I want to see some real thought going into this. I have mentioned in a previous post this idea and think it deserves it's own thread. So we all know wyverns are the "Death from Above", the side, the ground, behind and in front. So when it comes to breeding them WC have made a righteous decision to not allow it HOWEVER, would they consider this alternative. In order to obtain a wyvern, a good one in particular, you have to fly up and down the scar, kite the monstrosities without getting gassed, charcoaled, munched or end up looking like Don King. However the effort is rewarding once you get that glistening 180+ egg and the taming begins. All fine and dandy. You then wash, rinse and repeat. But however the mechanic for allowing the two to Breed? Some will say that will be way too OP, some may be correct. How about in order to allow the breeding, the mating pair then die from the exertion of doing so, like sea Salmon do after mating. To make it worth the risk the egg will have 1 mutation (a 1 in 100 chance) and only 1 trait from either parent of the 7 available, this being Melee, Stam, HP, Oxygen, Weight, Food and Speed (even this could be a 50% chance). the egg will also only have a 50% chance of being higher than the parents. This is how it will look: 8 wyverns M&F = a possible 4 wyverns M&F with possible chances of each = 2 wyverns M&F with possible chances each = 1 wyvern with very low but fair chances of either being better or worst than its parents and instead of milk, how about it being carnivorous, only wild wyvern eggs to feed until trough stage. This in turn could possibly keep the wyvern population down. Now I know people will rail against this idea but like everything in Ark, you don't have to do it, its an option, and expensive and costly option, but an option all the same. I wonder what your guys thoughts on this would be? P.S. on the subject of infants and food, why not consider feeding a baby dino an egg from any particular species to make it stronger against said species i.e. feeding a trike a few Rex eggs to have a set bonus against Rex's? only one species of course otherwise you'd end up with a complete monstrosity!
  15. at the risk of being trolled and harassed for all eternity...here goes... PVP is full of kids on power trips from what I've witnessed (sorry for those who aren't and are decent this obviously isn't aimed at your good selves) built a base up to stone lvl, hidden as per solo law, to log on and find my ptera unconscious, my LOW lvl 10 trike killed, a massive hole in the wall and a guy with his rifle out going through the storage which only had wood and stone in it and a 180 wyvern outside, I asked him if he knocked out the ptera and stole the saddle and killed the trike, he said no he didn't do anything, WHILST standing in my base and proceeded to say its PVP, tough poop. bare in mind I hadn't moved from the spawn spot, he proceeded to club me and then steal the cloth trousers I was wearing, flew me to the ocean and dropped me. in global he then says, that's what you get for being nosey... I tried about 15 different locations there after and was met with spiked spawns, auto turrets, roaming kill parties and the same guy AGAIN when I tried to salvage some of the stuff from the wreck that was left. 2 weeks with nothing to show for it. the responses in global were something akin to speaking to spoilt brats on power trips with no way of solving issues other than the usual abuse you would normally find in COD then built up a group of 5 players, built another base and was OLR by the same tribe and was told that was where they didn't want anyone building...didn't have to kill everything or wipe our resources as for the PVE element, better player base especially on SE, war is optional, kiting's, although annoying, are easily solved with 4 gigas outside of walls set to neutral, taming can be interesting as its tame where it drops, bases are big but we still have a lot of space on the map, more creativity, very relaxed, awesome people who you can actually have a laugh with, resource and dino trading, unblocked resources, group efforts for wyvern milk, group efforts on bosses, island and centre resource and dino trading, base is still there when offline, no limits imposed by "alpha" tribes, the list could get longer. us as a server are also considering 3 factions situated near each obelisk and making it more red v blue v green eventually (not massive tribes, more of an alliance of tribes per group), which in itself is more interesting as you will have three main tribes and we'll be able to declare war if we wanted to. sounds silly but to hear the ideas panning out in global makes it an interesting idea everyone seems interest in at the end of the day I suppose everyone also has their reasons for one or the other, yeah you could "git gud" but when the odds are stacked and you're not given breathing room it sort of starts to get tedious if they added another aspect to PVE such as protecting against dino raids once a month I think it would be outstanding but as for now there is no benefit for a new player to play PVP as it puts people off and I will always tell people who are considering on getting the game to consider the time sink, to avoid PVP unless they can get themselves into a Alpha tribe who wont kick them after contributing and to only buy it when there has been some marked changes to the game lag issues and bugs.