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  1. XBOX EU Official Server 5**

    our server checked and there wasn't any dupin, it was literally server issues between 5-6 servers. I'm going to raise a ticket to see if we can get the two animals back though as I think its only fair
  2. Our Server suffered 20+ roll backs ALL weekend. within every 2 hours there was a roll back and as a result the entire server missed out on the x2 event we lost a female allo in juvy stage because the roll back forced it back into baby stage and it ran out of food whilst we were not on. we also tamed the same 120 Grif about 4 times in a row and now we don't have it at all. what the actual F WC, do we get our allo and grif back or is it a case of tough, deal with it?
  3. female dragons

    the OP has confused it by saying dragon, you cant tame dragons what the OP means is: "allow our raised female wyverns to produce milk at a quarter of the rate wild female wyverns produce milk"
  4. Wyverns question.

    they do but that means every trap session would have been a alpha wyvern plus 6 normal wyverns, we were lucky to see 1 alpha in 24 hours
  5. Wyverns question.

    but females wyverns only ever have 5 milk in their inventory at a time that's 16 wyverns, 320 narc arrows not including upload times and transporting times, not being able to put salt in preserving bins and ensuring you don't lag out or loose your character between transfers not including the time it takes to locate, kite, trap, tranq and gather. I'm sorry but you need to post a picture of your wyverns lined up, star effort
  6. Changes in gather,exp,taming speed

    i'll have to look into this when I sign on
  7. Help me

    the wyverns are there they are just invisible lost a argi after finding a nest and was attacked by an invisible monstrosity
  8. Changes in gather,exp,taming speed

    so before the "2x rates" we currently have now the gathering was 0.5? if it was permanent 2x then we should be getting 2 stone per pick up not 1? if it was an event and 4x as you have said above then it would take a day to raise a wyvern? where is the confirmation of the 2x being the norm?
  9. Event pls ?

    I'd like to have the update tbh though last week for XBX the event started really early, like 5 - 6 hours then normal
  10. Wyverns question.

    43 wyverns?! how?! if a wyvern eats 1 milk every 4 hours that means you would have to on average tranq 8-9 wyverns every 4 hours, unless you managed to get a alpha every 4 hours, then you have to upload which takes about 20mins, then manually place the milk in the wyverns individually. a wyvern takes about 100 hours to raise and every 4 hours of that is milk feeding plus imprinting. so you've done 4300 hours worth of raising? 25 milk runs? just...how?! unless you have master craft or above each wyvern takes approx. 15-20 arrows or darts so that's 60 arrows per run. I cant fathom it lol
  11. PVE trouble makers

    thanks, there has been quite a few tickets raised and I think its being investigated by a GM who has had previous dealings with us on a legacy server. we've had the oil pumps in place for over 2 weeks now, no decay timers or health lost so you may be there a while all server users apart from the previous mentioned are happy with us providing the oil when they need it, and we have 2 of about 15 known on the map. but otherwise yeah we're just not going to supply them, there are others they can get oil from
  12. PVE trouble makers

    that's just it, the general consensus was that everyone was happy with the storage boxes and us delivering. I suppose its just the gross obnoxiousness of their mind-set that I cant understand. to top it off I have just been informed that they have tried building around our main base location as well as putting a shack up by the pumps. I know its childish but I am now only going to allow the delivery of 1k oil to whoever needs it bar said tribe until they realise the error of their ways. P.S the entire server in defence of us now that this has happened
  13. so the tribe and I have been on an official XBX Rag server for about 2 weeks and I'd say we've had about the same fair chances as everyone else when it comes taming and grinding. unlike the majority of the start up tribes who have made the Blue Ob location a lag fest, we moved up towards the ice waterfall and settled in the cave system where we confirmed after 2 days of observation that there were NO spawns for resources or creatures, suffice to say we were content with that. we then explored a little further and came across the oil nodes, great, we stamped down 3 pumps and were contemplating a Oil and Gas Empire. we were approached by a tribe who asked nicely if they could buy a pump from us. we pondered on this and thought well, you know, theres only so much you can do with 30k oil a day so we let them take over one of their own. being a SE Vet I know how selfish people can be with these pumps and it was globally agreed in chat that if ever anyone needed oil, we would take the time out of our grind and deliver the oil to them, however much was needed wherever they were on the just so we could control the flow of oil and distribute it fairly. if they wanted to donate anything then we weren't going to say no but we always say no payment needed unless they felt it fair. logged on over the weekend however and suddenly we've discovered that a tribe, not naming names ***cough***Tribe of R*****y***cough*** had built over and around the community pumps. so we decided to locate them and started asking in global chat why they had done it. after 30mins of repeating our questions and asking for a response (this includes landing in front of them as they do what they were doing) we decided that we would get their attention another way, so we may have accidently dropped a low lvl bear in front of their 20 X plants and suddenly we are being accused of being childish and trolls. we then got them into party chat...a tribe from the USA playing on a EU server and a bad attitude to go with it. they started demanding we give them the oil pumps and they wont remove the constructs etc. so we decided to go along the required route of logging a ticket (or 20 per tribe member) and making them aware of this. they then removed the shacks from around the pumps after we have agreed to either unlock the pumps (something I feel they are not entitled to demand as we had fairly and squarely claimed the pumps, located them and placed the pumps themselves) we then thought better of it and decided to ensure the pumps would remain full we attempted to place down 10 storage boxes and fill them all with oil because lets face it, we have enough gas and oil to last a year currently. could we heck, the tribe in question has placed fence foundations and pillars everywhere. now correct me if I am wrong but have we done anything wrong in claiming the oil pumps, delivering oil to anyone who needs it and attempting in providing fair distribution? do we deserve to be effectively disallowed from building on or around our own claimed pumps? to me this is completely against Forum Official Server Guidelines in that they have now blocked our access or ability to build on our own "base" location even when we have globally agreed to deliver, free of charge or requirements, any oil to any tribe or player that may want it. this seems to be a contentious epidemic now spreading to other pumps owned by other players. what do you guys think?
  14. what gets me is that every item in the game as a code attached to it or a "ID" usually a string of numbers. I cant believe that it hasn't been attempted to right a program that searches for duplicate numbers and erases them. Excel has a basic form of this search function and I use it when dealing with thousands of lines of data daily. if they could implement a running programme that deletes these codes then I'm sure the load up times would be a fraction of what they are now edit: I think its called refractoring?