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  1. have you tagged the MODs? @Jen @GP
  2. Alphas everywhere!

    I had a Alpha Rex spawn on me whilst wandering through the river banks on Island, literally a red mist with teeth and tail they are anything but slow, kept up with my giga as I was walking away without realising it was chasing I have noticed however, that the spawns are dwindling, still getting plenty of titans everywhere, literally every hour we have 3-4 titans spawn in
  3. Release Seriously

    my eyeballs are bleeding!
  4. EU XBX PVE our first base was unfortunately designed as per our old PVP standards with behemoths and spikes, we realised we had done something wrong when I pulled 20 lvl1 bobs and janes from our walls, I'm in the process of giving them the burials they deserve, a nice spot on our south base beach overlooking the water. we've now moved to a more central location and left the base open for people to use if needs be with a few angry tames to help if they get stuck for those intrepid explorers or those with balls of steel I've left Coords to our new location and if successful we'll donate an argy, obviously only to players lower than lvl 10
  5. Best Way to kill Alpha Rexes?

    ahhh so that's where I went wrong, well there's plenty of abandoned bodies in and around my walls so I may give that a shot

    5 troughs fill each with raw meat but the 4-5 slots at the bottom of the inventory needs to be filled with cooked cooked is consumed in more quantity but gives more food per consumption also a stack of 30 lasting +-1hr will give you plenty of scope
  7. I have a 475MD anklio each node I harvest on Frozen Tooth yields 105-120metal ore on XBX official PVE
  8. Wow this flyer nerf is beyond overkill.

    I prefer our quetz, yes its pre jet propulsion speeds but its nice just crawling over the landscape and not having to worry about much other than the direction you're flying in we're lucky in that we built our establishment right on Frozen Tooth so plenty of metal and just a short trip to the volcano for crystal. with a 480MD anklio and 650 carry weight we're mining about 2000 ore, loading the quetz with 4k ore every trip back and forth. flyers may have been nerfed but still useful for the laid back approach
  9. Best Way to kill Alpha Rexes?

    you have to lure it onto the saddle platform and then fly straight up, the thinner air makes them sluggish so you can get close to them and force feed baby dodos
  10. the way I have done it with the pteras is breading a pair with desired visual mutations, I then get what I want, kill off the parents, then breed the offspring, rinse and repeat. no that I have the mutations at about 120 each side I will start breading with a lvl 5, the mutations will carry over but I will start levelling stats in weight and stam on 1 side and melee and health on the other I only ever have 4 adult pteras at any time
  11. what he says but I prefer the Giga as I can quickly move on to the next spawn location for DW and the Alphas are a walk in the park, I would use the rex idea but I'm lazy and have no patience in dodging hit boxes trying to get to the bag
  12. Legit response, thank you. I can almost see sense in this then, I think I don't get the idea of it seeing that I am more into the building and taming aspect of it. I do have my neon coloured ptera's and high stat argy's that I am breeding (I kill off the parents once I get the stats I want from the babies, or neuter and give away)but that is only because I cant invest time for 100% imprint or higher level dino imprints such as Gigas. I do have a 98% imprinted Giga I raised in SE but that is when I was stuck in bed with nothing else to do. unfortunately I have a full time job so the only thing I can do with 2 hours gameplay during the week and the odd 4 -5 worth of scattered hours over the weekend means I have to be extremely selective and mining resources to buy high level breeding pairs is the only way I can cut out on the impossible (in my situation) requirements. people may say use my annual leave but I prefer to use my annual leave for holidays in Mexico and South Africa.
  13. laying siege should not be a walk in the park, how many historical sieges happened in less that 20minutes. there's no resemblance between a 11 day giga raising and and 5 month base build just for 1 to be destroyed in minutes. if a giga takes 11 days the targeted base should take twice as long we need bigger and better defence options such as cannons, effective land mines, active defensive drones, blast doors/shutters etc etc as it stands, I signed back on to my PVP account, happily noted that my C4 hut on boat was still there, decided MEH and built a 1x2 thatch hut in front of a irritating tribes gate uber hard with current pillars, used double foundation trick, hit gold when they came out in force with 2 gigas and 3 wyverns, surrounded the hut and went in for the attack. C4 is beautiful when used properly, never seen so much swearing in my life why wait for them
  14. Best Way to kill Alpha Rexes?

    giga out, head down, head shots on Giga V Titan is the easiest thing in the world and only take a max of 6k average dmg