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  1. raise on 2x = 2 day-ski to mature 170+ eggs only egg hatch at 0700hrs first feed at 0700hrs imprint in 8hrs second feed in about 3-5 hours depending on level of egg, I got away with 1 feed every 5 hours raise on Rag tranq female wyverns with shock darts, down after 2-3 hits, try going for Alphas if breeding more build near the Scar on Rag to cut down on time I wouldn't recommend on normal breeding speeds unless you enjoy the punishment lol the above is how I do it and how I find it easier to complete, other people will be different and have different and possibly better methods, I'm not saying they're wrong, the above has worked for me on 56 wyverns (not including feeding times as you can get lucky or unlucky)
  2. X111

    Will wc compensate us for this update?

    this is true, as you say, damned if they do, damned if they dont
  3. X111

    Will wc compensate us for this update?

    I understand about the patches side of things, I was questioning the hardware switch over. i know when our company done a data transfer from one software application to another with over 4million live policies it was done in 2 hours onto servers which were made ready for the transfer 3 weeks prior to the actual transfer. i would of thought that anything as big as data moving and hardware updates would have been announce weeks in advance because they knew they were going to do it and not apply an event during this time? like i said i don't really understand it so if it could be explained i could see where they were coming from. im genuinely curious about this and not looking to start an argument with anyone (only stating as a precaution as no matter how anything is written, people still get salty)
  4. X111

    Will wc compensate us for this update?

    I only question the timing, why is this done at their peak time being weekends? especially when they have provided a breeding event last seen on the 13/12/2017 ( I could be out on this date, I do apologise). I'm all for the upgrades and updates we get as the game is running smoother and smoother so credit due but from a business perspective, why was this not done on a Monday? would it of not been better to have full staff support if things went belly up? I could be wrong and WC and Nitrado agreed to complete the work on a sunday, it still seems strange to me. I hope they're getting paid double time and again thank you for the prospect of more powerful servers!
  5. X111

    I swear to you wildcard ...

    well I was thinking of their ability to try and see the epicness (new word YAY!) of the world created in Ark, as far as I can tell those mentioned have tried and been more than near successful in trying to produce films our imaginations can come up with. but everyone has their own tastes and I would like to think differing opinions could be looked at from all angles, Lucas had the vision for SW but was only able to deal with the "at the time" tech available hence why 1-3 (imo) were not competed first, maybe the film would need a Jackson trilogy x 3 to fully appreciate and understand the lore, Scot and Abrams for their unique filming techniques and out of the box thinking and Bayona (the director for the new Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom film) for his knightmarish and horror flare that he manages to produce in films.
  6. X111

    I swear to you wildcard ...

    a film with the collaborated director talents of George Lucas, JJ Abrams, JA Bayona, Peter Jackson and Ridley Scott and the funding of Marvel (now Disney )
  7. X111

    Devs inactivity

    I stick chocolate raisins up my nose and fire them at my missus shouting "BOGEY AT 9 O'CLOCK" whenever we're sitting in the lounge
  8. X111

    I feel well and truly ripped off with SE

    I prefer SE tbh well worth the £16 in that I'm one of 8 people logged on at anyone point, decent drops but you have to work towards them, harder world creatures, pockets of rewarding resources when found, good survival requirements, limited other resources, new dimensions to base building, challenges in creature raising and dealing with the environment... basically what every PVE server should be like. sure once you get your giga it makes things easier but being stuck out on the dunes in worm country, have a canteen of water, 3 pieces of meat left due to an unfortunate run in with 3 scorpions, 2 boa's, a flock of vultures and a mantis whilst collecting pearls and you've made the rooky mistake of not whistling follow and putting on neutral your dumb A$$$ of a giga and just stands there staring at you whilst you go to town with an Asc sword followed by your shoulder rat going nuts because of a sand storm inbound and the realisation that your tent is down to 5% health...yeah I enjoy SE a lot more than most of the other maps. Rag is for those who want it easy I suppose, IMHO, I would say 90% of my deaths and animal losses on Rag were due to roll backs, DC's and glitching through the floor of the map. even the Ice Queen is dead simple, ascended shotguns, MC riot shields, 2 pieces of MC fur and 3 pieces MC flak or riot and few broths. simples.
  9. afraid so lol
  10. welcome to Ark
  11. X111

    Server Dino Cap Discussion

    probably been said before but what about a structure that stores Dino's as a DNA recipe? so far the game already lightly delves into genetics, why not a method of extracting the genes of a dino and storing it in a vault (the donor creature then has a spoil time of 7 days) allowing you to obtain an egg for example. and if you want that particular animal back you simply put its code into an incubation chamber, receive a egg that has all the hatched stats from the genetic donor and you just have to hatch and raise again? it sounds complicated but if we can create complex recipes in a cooking pot then cannot it be implemented as above? I just found it strange with all the tech engrams and possibilities that genetic storing at the very least hasn't been considered as part of the base game
  12. X111

    Server Dino Cap Discussion

    capping player tames does not prevent tame cap, only slow it down. for example: @1200hrs GMT - 20 players are online with their 100 dinos each @1700hrs GMT - 20 new players are online with their 100dinos each @0000hrs GMT - 20 completely different players are online with their 100 dinos each @0500hrs GMT - 20 new players are online with their 100 dinos each (these are not realistic and I am spit balling) 8000 dinos remain on the server however at anyone time there are only on average 20 players how about approaching it from a different angle? how many dino's are there in Ark? 100? why not hard cap the amount of tames per species? 10 per species? yes that halves your chances of a successful boss run for people using rex's but is this game not supposed to be survival? and in being a survival game aren't you supposed to be able to survive with limited resources? also it forces players to get rid of the animals collecting dust for no apparent reason. got the mutations and are successfully breeding them? cull the rest of the herd! there's no need to hang on to dino's that are doing nothing!
  13. X111

    Server Dino Cap Discussion

    TBH even on Legacy I never found a server at tame cap, even now we're on an official and the most there is on is about 20 people at any one time and they belong to our tribe and 3 other tribes which only account for 1500 dinos max count and even then those dino's are a meted pair of nearly each animal and about 40 boss rex's each I just don't understand where all these capped servers are, even on our SE server, Rag server or Aberration server we have had not any issues around tames
  14. X111

    Server Dino Cap Discussion

    oh thank God! I had my popcorn and was reading some of the comments and the original post disappeared but thankfully it was only moved! Whoot!
  15. and people moaned when we pillared off a large area but being Legacy players we knew what was coming so thankfully we have unobstructed access to lakes, wood and the deeper caverns.