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  1. Alpha giga

    nope, green ob is just close to giga mountain
  2. Ark movie

    lol well if you're tribe is anything like mine then yes cringy cheese moments and all definitely worth it lol and if someone bought back dino riders i think i would suffer a happy haemorrhage!
  3. Ark movie

    "cough*Riders*cough" they need to reboot it
  4. Are all official servers like this?

    Ark: Lag Evolved
  5. Ark movie

    we're talking about the cartoon TV series lol come to think of it....there seems to be a lot of similarities between this TV series and Ark...I hope there hasn't been any legal issues...
  6. sorry I should of said they were rounded up. unfortunately I didn't take a picture or note of the exact stats. these were stats from the parents which were originally bred. I think they are the 3rd batch of offspring
  7. questions regarding post-tame stats

    it looks like it should work that way with every level on the 450 gaining 22.5 whilst on the 190 every level would mean 9.5 gain? I'm not going to lie I've been staring at all this and still confused, all I do know is to knock out creatures until I find my wanted stat and breed it with a pre-requisitioned stat from another tame regardless of level
  8. for the love of me I do not know why but I'm breeding ptera's got me 150 kibble tamed breeding pair. I breed the offspring with the parent if the parent is better than the tamed. in some cased the parent tames have been bred 3 to 4 times with the offspring and the stats vary widely. now I've only managed to do it 4 times so far, no mutations however the parents of one ptera both had melee @250% and 190%, stam @320% and 260%, weight @160 and 220, health @1200 and 980 however the hatchlng came out with a 398% MD, stam @350, weight @260 and health @ 1600 but no counted mutations?! is this a case of random point allocation or natural breeding progression? the lvl of the ptera at birth was 214 and it was not imprinted as I was gunning for mutations. I would of liked to also have shared a picture of this however a over zealous tribe member decided that it was good enough to run the wyvern scar on Rag and suffice to say he didn't last long but we still have no kill message about the ptera
  9. Ark movie

    what an epic TV series! I remember watching it when I was young and thought it was the best EVER! it still kind of is but a lot of cringe cheesy moments lol
  10. What's your guilty pleasures?

    teasing the death worms in the ice cave and poking the bears so they chase me to the entrance where they get stuck in the little hole and I poke them in the eyes with a pike... getting the paint brush out on my tribe mates and painting bikinis on them... whilst they're sleeping I put them in my personal coded 4x4 cage with a lipstick wearing ram and make them pose for a picture riding it before letting them out... hatching low level gigas, raising them and letting them wonder around the island on aggressive with a transponder so I can refresh their timers every 2 days... I'm a bit sadistic now that I see what I do...
  11. Ark: Aberration

  12. "Gotcha" mechanics

    I'm wondering why you took an argy to a alpha fight unless you're packing 2.5k+ HP and 400+MD from hatching we learnt the hard way that you cant take a knife to a gunfight so regardless of our requirements we always fly out on Wyverns prepacked with transponder nodes, spare canteens, extra gear...think of it as a go bag in each wyvern for a specific task: heavy lifter, long distance runner, alpha hunter, taming mate etc and make sure every expedition holds the mandatory flare gun with fireworks skin good locater for stranded tribe mates and for firing off into peoples bases who may have forgotten to close a door
  13. Ark: Aberration

    did a check on XBX rentable servers last night...540 servers detected after 2 mins of the server lists loading up and I don't even think that was all of them
  14. Does inbreeding negatively affect dinos?

    what he said, never had any negative effects myself tbh
  15. Swamp Cave tips

    might get roasted for this but went in with 5 mounted sabres, 3k health, MC saddles, 415MD, cleared out the cave extremely efficiently and the amount of chitin we were dumping was stupid bug repellent on the sabre and ourselves worked wonders