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  1. Here are my thoughts, we all know the dinos and their ability when it gets to harvesting the long fingered Freddy Kruger looking guy is good for Fibre yet I still think the Dire bear is better for some reason, walk around some bushes and in about 30secs had over 1200 fibre. Rex for pelts and hide Giga for meat MC chainsaw for wood Thorny dragon for its inventory abilities Anklio for metal, crystal, sulphur, oil nodes and obsidian Deod for stone and sand Bronto for berries all but to name a few. but what about automation? we now have tek tier with its fancy gadgets but we seemed to have missed the industrial age, the game is called Ark Survival EVOLVED I'm not talking factories etc but something simple an automated farm for all your crops. it could be a structure that takes up 5x5x3 with a storage capacity of 200 for crops ONLY, irrigate it like you do the industrial cooker and just provide it with fertilizer and seeds and it auto stores crops in a built in fridge. an automated drilling machine, costly to create and only lasts for 5 days maximum, but in those five days, every 2 hours its inventory of 500 would fill up with a mix of stone, metal, obsidian, crystal and sulphur. discretion as to whether this is placed in the players base or on a node is down to the developers. now the argument would be "but that puts my deod, anklio etc etc into retirement" well not if the devs play it right and make these items extremely costly to produce, like 3000 minimum of any material. so you would still require your favourite animals to fill in the gaps. think about it, we have a fabricator and a grinder but we also have to put them really close together to be effective. so if this is the case then why not make them connecting pieces by having to place them next to each other or use a auto delivery system. I.E. you walk up to a resource deposit shoot which is connected to either your cooker, grill or grinder or all of them and the system auto sorts. failing the drill then at least provide a Jack hammer or something. it could mine just the resource we as a player farm. metal nodes = metal ore, obsidian = obsidian, stone = stone, sandstone = sandstone for me the grind does take a lot of time up away from enjoying the build aspect of Ark
  2. I've posted about this as well
  3. I don't think it was meant as that. I think the original OP was trying to say that current unofficial servers are hosted by persons who could loose interest in the game at any moment and just stop hosting. you have to admit that nowadays, unless you are part of a experienced, beta or better tribe then you have no hope of being able to actually develop your character because you will either get stomped on in official PVP, unable to build in a pillared Official PVE or run the risk of playing by rules set by a host who could at any time disconnect or wipe the server often with no warning. in response to your actual post: everyone's play is ALREADY limited, I joined a official PVP server, spent a week and managed full stone and some metal before the 3 Alphas EACH turned up and wiped what I had done and left all but a Pike. how is that not limiting gameplay? and before you answer I also had 4 other beds and storage INCLUDING 4 faults located around the map which were wiped out in the hours after the initial attack. I randomly searched through several servers there after and all I got was spiked spawns, one was actually an enclosed pen with a sign saying "Guess you won't be getting out", roaming Rex kill squads on the easy spawn areas, turrets on the medium to hard spawn points and penned in obs. so, an official, moderated, fee based server that actually allows gameplay instead of rage quitting and trolling could be an interesting feature. and before there are any "git gud" or "go play PVE", I do now play PVE, the communities are much better and they all have a better understanding of the game. not to mention the fact that if everyone is in agreement you can actually go to war and see who has the better tactics without causing any unneeded harassment. the options in PVE are way better and more relaxed.
  4. love it! though I think there may be processing issues with that. the servers can just about manage a fly over from red to green ob before disconnect. I like the idea of randomly spawning mini bosses though again the original idea was to clear up all undefended trash on the map but this could work really well...don't know how you would defend against natural events though...
  5. my Xbox says game preview...? still, maybe one of the moderators or devs could clear this up? @GamerPerfection @Jat @Jen ???
  6. tbf I had an average of between 60and 120MB/s so wasn't too upset
  7. @Leaniahaha! or worst possible luck would be a new player spawning in, seeing Armageddon and going "...nope...nope nope nope" We can only wish the Devs would look at this and other fantastic ideas and really consider them after all it can only keep them in a job longer lol
  8. @Leania I get you now! lol sorry, coming to the end of the office day and my brain is leaking out of my ear. if the Devs could get a hold of this and consider it then that would be amazing, more life for PVE, more challenges for PVP and a whole new meaning to Ark SURVIVAL EVOLVED!
  9. I thought it would look better as a: "hey survivors, after our successful 12GB patch we can confirm the following updates... unfortunately there are a few items that did not make it to release however we are trying extremely hard to provide a ETA on those releases as well. we hope you enjoy the new features and please bare with us whilst we tackle the ever increasing problems of lag and item losses etc etc" rather than a lock down? it would be a step in the right direction instead of keeping quiet about everything and modifying the promised released notes with a "what was actually released" note without explanation. I think that is where some of the salt is coming from. provide us with the exciting information but also show your understanding side in not being able to release what you intended to. I love the game otherwise and the lag issues are less and less with good dino spawns
  10. oh right my bad lol but third person was released and its useless, I've yet to find a way to zoom in and out and the camera angle means you may as well play first person. if they implemented the ESO 3rd person view then that would be awesome. from the Xbox patch section looks like its still to be released so here's hoping we know in the next hour or so
  11. Yes I like it! with regards to the kiting aspect of it, like you say, that tribe would be attacked first so the titan or horde would make its way directly to that tribes base/s and everything gets munched in its path to make sure that all other tribes don't sit back and have it easy. possibly allow for drop bags with the resources used to build your base spawn for 12mins so it gives you some hope and have those bags locked to the tribe that got trampled so no one else can get a steal in, but allow fair game in PVP. target buildings could have their item count increased to anything below 20 then? include any building materials used as well the dumbed down version of what we have been talking about would be to otherwise allow roaming dinos to cause damage to infrastructure and owned dinos. generally speaking in relation to good and bad neighbours we play on SE and do help those who we see making a good effort but struggle as apposed to those who randomly troll as they generally don't last too long by themselves, the ones who join expecting hand outs are the worst! our community is quite inclusive and as a rule of thumb we destroy anything old when we have something new.
  12. ^^^^ This ^^^^ very little lag issues in SE and drop to dash however there is still some rubber banding and we did come across an issue with our Quetz carrier where we moved it to our second pen however the structure showed it still floating in the air, simple fix was fly out of render range and back and it sorted itself out, if you want to get around the big bases especially on a flier then fly directly up and across. this has been known for quite sometime so not the Super Secret, we're hoping that the Super Secret will be released to us the same time that you get your updates but there hasn't been any info on this at all. the ultimate hope is cross play seeing that PC, Xbox and PS4 should all be up to the same version within the next couple of hours
  13. apologies I thought you were referring to officials being pay to play, if you're intending for there to be servers you can join at a lower cost but with better maintenance and actual moderator control then I suppose it wouldn't be any different to the £8.99 I pay a month for ESO+ but to put that into prospective there is still MASSIVE lag issues there but they are more likely to resolve issues faster. I completed VMA on their anniversary but didn't get the double drop, submitted a ticket and got the double drop on next log in WITH in-game currency as an apology for the issue. WC have been issued with a number of tickets regarding dino's despawning and nothing being done about it. anyway I digress, the idea of a pay for server option is interesting as long as it doesn't break £10 $10 which every being the equivalent. as long as they keep non-pay to play servers for Officials as well then I cant see why they wouldn't want to consider it tbf
  14. alpha wyverns are better for milk, last longer than an hour, with the current multipliers it takes 1 third the time so for arguments sake: 4d15hrs = 111hrs divide by 3 = 37hours = 1d13hrs estimated I think we raised 3 wyvern on 4 alpha runs and 2 normal but we must have got lucky as well lol