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  1. Thanks guys, I'll give it a shot. Seems like the hardest part is finding a high level queen, only run across < 100 currently.
  2. So I know where the queens are, I know how to build a trap and get pregnant, I managed to gather 14 pheromone glands, and now I'm ready to do it. I have a few questions to those who already did it: How many glands will I need in the process of raising the baby? Will the level of the queen which gets me pregnant be of importance, or can I just get pregnant from a level 1 one? How much time will I have to gather XP once I am pregnant? Whats the recommended way to max out XP once pregnant? Just go crazy with a rock drake and KoS everything, or maybe craft something?
  3. Please see my last comment here: I have never set/changed the cuddle interval.
  4. Take a look at http://ark.gamepedia.com/Breeding#Times_for_Breeding You will see that every dino has different times for hatching and maturation. Those times are affected by the multipliers, so it is not possible to have every dino grow up in 30 mins, because the base time is different. For the options: MatingIntervalMultiplier - affects how soon you can mate dinos again after mating. Base mating interval is 18:00-48:00 (random), apply the MatingIntervalMultiplier to get the new interval. E.g. a setting of MatingIntervalMultiplier=0.1 will result in a 1h48min - 4h48min intervall
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