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  1. It'd be nice to be able to run a cluster from home without having to open it up to the internet. Seems like a simple easy fix that I'm hoping will make it in one day soon ...
  2. Currahee

    Structures+ question

    Hrm, try picking it up and putting it back down again? You should only see engrams you've unlocked, and from what I remember you can't unlock any S+ engrams before unlocking their vanilla counterpart.
  3. Currahee

    How do I start my own topic?

    I don't believe you can until either you have more posts, or more time passes. I remember having issues when I first created an account. The rules aren't spelled out anywhere
  4. Currahee

    New idea

    This is a good idea. Predators should also be drawn towards the feces of prey. Give a good reason to defecate before going out.
  5. Currahee

    Plesiosaurus swim height

    Anyone know if this can be change with a mod? I'd love to change this on my server
  6. Currahee

    I can't stop playing

    I shut down my servers last month because I couldn't justify the cost anymore and my other friends had moved on awhile ago. I've played some single player games since, even one where I loaded up the old base from the server and cheated in a stack full of C4 to give the old dino tower a proper sendoff. I miss ark, and I'm sure I'll return.
  7. Currahee

    Do we need imprinting?

    But if I don't 100% imprint every baby dino what will I measure my life up to ?!?
  8. Currahee

    What to Level Up?

    All points evenly distributed between food and water.
  9. Currahee

    Only 15 dinos in your pen, what are they?

    8 Achatinas 1 Sabertooth 1 Pteranodon 1 Argentavis 1 Doedicurus 1 Ankylosaurus 1 Therizinosaurus 1 Quetzal Minus the Sarco that I 'accidently' tamed while achatina hunting, this is what I have at my base now
  10. Long pig? Maybe eating it long enough slowly evolves your tribe into a different species. Like Morlocks.
  11. Currahee

    Ichthyosaurus - Get over here

    Feed them , and they'll go away.
  12. Currahee


    Dumb computers will never be able to. Maybe when you shell out for the next console version?
  13. Currahee

    Underwater raft elevators

    You can, at least with S+ it's possible.
  14. If that were the case we would have never made it out of caves, let alone to where we are now. Don't fall for the hype.
  15. I'm a paying customer too, bought it twice actually. I think the fliers are better now than before.