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  1. TheArkTribune

    Workshop Wednesday: Issue #2 - Mapping Out Your Success

    Man wish I had the time to create a map, these all look amazing!!
  2. TheArkTribune

    TiMoAgE - TMC-Class Arkdestroyer_Outside sta.jpg

    Wait...exactly what am I looking at here? A friggin flying craft in Ark 😱😱😱? Say it will soon be so
  3. Very true but folks are frustrated, CE will be imo a rebound for their break up from Ark...But in the end they will be back 😜 CE will never compare to Ark ✊🏼
  4. Heard and saw lots are leaving for Conan Exiles esp with its upcoming mount updates ...sad but I'm not leaving I will just "Evolve" to Adapt... Necessity is the Mother of Invention. I can over come and adapt!!
  5. will we expect to see the Tek Structures such as Walls, Gates, etc.., with update v254?