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  1. Fight your way to become the Alpha Tribe! Join the Server By searching EpicPVP in the PC session filter on Xbox! Or add R4yyW4LSH on Xbox to get a fast add into the server! Actually, have to grind for End game MAPS: Lost Island Once we grew we can add more. Cluster Rates: —20x Exp.multiplier —10x harvest — Instant Taming — Infinite Structure Pickup —Infinite Fuel Player Stats: (Per Level) Health: +10 Stamina: +60 Oxygen: +800 Food: +100k Water: +100k Weight: +10k Melee Damage: +10 Movement Speed: +4.5 Crafting Skill: +10 Fortitude
  2. FREE H.O.D!!!!! Wild Card you're something else, sickening company! Thank god DeltaCraftArk Unofficial PC on Xbox one, doesn't have this sort of stuff.
  3. OMG stop adding stuff seriously... The game is a grind as is, don't shoot yourselves in the foot wildcard.
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