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  1. Official Server Rules?

    is this against the rules anywhere on official servers? This poop is all over the place - All ob entrances are covered in metal spike walls on my server - drops have vaults below them, caves have metal dino gates. Either have to ask permission to get in or blow up the gate and prepare for a fight lol
  2. Preventing tribe people to upload your dino's

    Its a good question though, as far as I could tell last night I didnt see any options that allow you to turn off uploading. and when you upload a dino technically it kills it lol -- But what I did do yesterday is discover tribe groups which allow you to set up different group levels and determine what groups can do what on an individual dino basis. That might be a better option than a blanket rule not letting them ride anything. (I keep all the high level important sht off limits lol)
  3. Mercenaries for Hire

    Understood - just let me know what information you need and i'll PM you - I can probably send screenshots lol
  4. Offline profile dung beetles

    Hi Shadowradex, i'm by no means an official game support person, but hopefully I can help. There are a few things to check here. For offline: If you have offline damage prevention enabled I believe it may stop your Dung beetles from producing fert. The official mechanics for the beetle should be as follows: 2 Small Animal Feces = 1 Fertilizer and 2 Oil 1 Medium Animal Feces = 2 Fertilizer and 4 Oil 1 Large Animal Feces = 3 Fertilizer and 6 Oil Assuming feces is manually placed in the inventory it should make fertilizer and oil no problem. I've also seen where not having enough room for the beetle to wander sufficiently can sometimes cause them not to convert, but I believe that's more of a glitch than an solid game mechanic. In your case being that you're offline, I would check that offline damage prevention mode first.
  5. Id like to get a server wiped.

    Tell me more and are you supplying the materials to do so?
  6. Mercenaries for Hire

    Hi there. So i'm curious about this - it's an interesting concept. On average what sort of supply requirements do you have for a medium-large sized metal base with 15-20 turrets or more. I just want to wrap my head around what one would need to provide you with.
  7. Need to be a regular member lol

    a dead zone? explain
  8. Quick Leveling 80 - 94?

    Just to expand on the Narco posts here - I'll have to agree that its a very easy way to gain passive XP. To make the gains seem more noticeable craft 8-10 M&Ps fill them with narco mats and let them all run at the same time. When the xp gain from these stacks it doesn't seem so slow at all.
  9. tutorials ToTacs nerdy ARK Thread

    Nice graphic man, really helps to visualize things.