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  1. So I finally just finished Unlocking all of the dossiers... AGAIN... Also had every note and such unlocked for Island and Scorched and most of Ab, Ext, and Gen all discovered. All maps were explored and everything as well.. Now I have nothing unlocked at all. Is there anything I can do to get it all back without having to do this all @#%$ing again... This is the THIRD time this has happened..... Seriously about to QUIT Ark! If it wasn't for me Hosting a 15Map Nitrado Cluster I would never play this game again..
  2. Hello. I have a cluster of 15 maps hosted through Nitrado. I have most maps set to max dino level of 450, I have 2 maps for donors with max dino level of 690, as well as a Taming map max dino level of 700. I have had very little issue with my maps until recently. For some reason the dinos are spawning in higher levels then what they should be Down in the Thunder Peak area of Ragnarok. They are spawning in at 700 all over the map except for this one spot. I have been using a shine pet to fly around and seek out the Max levels to help pin point the areas effected. Not to sure what
  3. Still getting the issue. Switching to controller and back does not always work....
  4. Can we please get this implemented soon!? Some controller controls are starting to get way to cluttered. (ie: bloodstalker float mode needing to hold the 3rd person button which toggles your vision as well). Buttons are starting to overlap to much. I like having my console bc I can play all my games bc they are not all cross platform. So a simple add of KB and Mouse into the coding would be way cheaper and easier for EVERY person to go out an buy a PC to play Ark on to use them....
  5. I have beaten beta as well. 146.153
  6. We still missing bionic SKINS? I am missing all of my Bionics and all all achievement skins.
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