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  1. Not sure what the issues were but i did a factory reset on my console and that seemed to work lol. I am thinking one of the updates had a nad line of code. All seems fine now. Only running a few fays so far.
  2. Yes i am having the same issues now with the update that just released. My other issue fixed it self before the update but now i have this issue and the game is 100% not playable... so much for owning a dedi xbox... been trying for hours to get it going. Nothing! The updates are suppose to enhance the game... not bend us over and f**k us with out lube....
  3. Haha hey it helped keep my sanity lol. If it wasn't for you trying to help there would have been silence and i would have lost my sh!t lol
  4. Yeah i understand the complication it brings. I use to dabble in some programing in high school. Made a few little games. Trying to go through all the coding is a nightmare! At least the devs here are aware of it and it will make it a little easier in the future if anyone else has any issues like this. Hope it fixed itself for good though. Thanks @mleii and @Jat for doing what you guys could to help.
  5. It stopped about a week ago. I made new maps on the centre, SE all on reg and then all 3 maps in prim plus and it was doing it for all of them but only on my account. Everyone else was fine. All seems fine now. Fixed it self some how.
  6. Thank you so much for finally replying @Jat i shall stop blowing all of you up lol. I was just getting extremely annoyed that no one could take a min to saythey will look into it. Now i shall be patient and let you guys look into it. If you need anymore info just let me know on here or you can tweet me (same name). If needed i can send videos that show exactly what happens.
  7. @Jat @Jen @ARK Will this make you guys look at my damn issues? I will not stop till i hear from you guys. Getting real annoyed and i feel like i have been pretty f**king patient to say the least.....
  8. ..... can inplease get some fricken help in here.... or maybe even just reply and let me know the issue is being looked into... tried to tweet and made forum posts... with no help from these useless devs....
  9. Well there is some difference to my issue now... now everyone else is able to access the obelisks and drops on the dedi but on my personal xbox i crash at access of obelisks and drops.... its great bc i don not have to kill off my whole server. It does it for DEDI, OFFICIAL and NON-DEDI. SP though everything works. I have deleted the whole game from my xbox and reinstalled it with same issue.... even more lost then i was before.....
  10. I do not want to lose my lovely fortress and all 10 artifacts x4
  11. Daaamn! That sucks! I might have to make a twitter just to contact them lmao. Im getting real close to reseting it and curling up in a corner and crying lmao!
  12. I have the old slide set at 1.0 bc even if you set it higher it goes to default max of 1.0. All engrams are left alone and i have tried with max diff unclicked. Have set the diff slide back down to 0.2 as well.
  13. It is connected through a wired connection. I have tried it on a different network with same issue. The only setting i changed since the update was max diff. Got a few other settings tweeked but nothing was changed in the 6 months it ran smooth. Killed a few broods before the update. Then after update. Went to go kill a hard brood. Opened the obelisk and BAM kicked in the nuts... or kicked from the game lol same thing in my eyes.
  14. Man i hope they can nd a fix. I just told people on my dedi that the file may be corrupt and we may lose everything. I got alot of sad and angry people. Some people have completely left
  15. Island map. Normal. Pvp.happens for all players everytime. Uninstalled it on the dedi and reinstalled it still same issue. Uploads and downloads are all disabled. I am the only admin and i have not spawned anything in. It started as soon as i updated v750. I read up that people on pc have had this issue as well when they updated to the same patch before we did. Just want to get my world in order again. I have a massive metal house i do not want to lose again.
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