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  1. looks great and all but i am not very motivated to buy another DLC after what happened to SE. Also i am trying to play since "release day" but i barely get on any server since they are all full all the time...
  2. well you can talk all day about it but the fact that it is a Tek-Tier structure makes it impossible to use for 90% of the player base. Defeating bosses on official is no easy task, most tribes wont be able to do it. And this thing is basically just a pimped fridge ...
  3. before i dont see the devs wiping several large tribes that used the dupe exploit just yesterday i will not to anything because it simply makes no sense. I dont feel like duping, but in this current meta you HAVE TO DUPE to compete and that sucks =(
  4. those guns where a huge problem and had to go, i completly support this move. But the resulting system is lack luster. Now the best blueprints are journeyman because they are so cheap at the same dmg ... 700% + rocket launcher where an issue for sure. I think they should have done the incomming flyer nerf at the same time because a nerf to guns is always a buff to flyers ... so lets see where the end result is heading before we cry =)
  5. We are talking about 2 different things. I ment that defeating the boss is cheap and the element gain is great. You say that most of the stuff you craft with element is useless. We are both correct. I find the Replikator and Transmitter are real game-changers but the rest is meh ...
  6. Actually we did Dragon hard using fab pistols, cost was just about 12k bullets and thats pretty cheap in my book. Sure if you fail it gets expensive because of weapons/armor replacement. But cost/return ratio was awesome!
  7. Rexes are only really good for the Broodmother. Medium and above you need to get her stuck into your rexes so she stops attacking or your rexes are gone. Works best by surrounding here with rexes and then everybody moves forward until she is stuck. You can also use one Rex only to bring her under the bridge and then shoot her from above. We tested this, she stays down there not even small spiders come up. But with the recent nerf to weapons you will struggle to bring her down. We faild with this try on easy to kill her on time ... You cannot really fight the Ape with Rexes. You can use some Rexes to get aggro and shoot it with players in the meantime. But i doubt any amount of rexes will kill in in normal combat. With the dragon you dont need to do any special trick but you will need 1-2 rexes to deal with the dimorphs/Pteras when they attack. I think that the Dragon is the easiest boss on hard after they fixed the ape glitch.
  8. did dragon yesterday on hard with guns, one rex to kill the pteras + dimorphs. What makes it harder is the fact that weapons are much weaker now. But with 10 Players we had 10 mins left on the clock when it died. One thing: Fire dmg is percentage based, if your rex has very high HP it will loose a lot of HP and will be hard to force-feed that back. Its actually better to take a rex with not so much HP if you dont plan on melee attacking the dragon with it.
  9. i usually pump HP over 30k and then melee so you end up with about 30k hp 700 dmg in the end.
  10. It would be more interresting to see how many of the hours i have i have actually moved in the game. Because i feel much of it was just waiting for tames to finish or eggs to dropp ....
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