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  1. Feel free to send a friend request to TJServer. However, the only time it is accessed is to perform updates or restarts. We will attempt to accept all friend requests every time it is accessed.
  2. Apologies. We were having some visibility issues with the server. Some people could see it, some couldn't. It was restarted this afternoon and everyone seems to be able to see it now.
  3. See update to top post. 1/24/2020 22:15 CST
  4. We absolutely do. Right now there are around 10 people total playing on the server and I haven't seen any intentional PvP so far. There have been a few accidental kills from gathering pets and base defenses automatically firing, but its a pretty laid back server.
  5. Our Manitoba-based PS4 Ark Valguero Server is up and running! (Connection details at bottom) We have an extra PS4 that only has Ark installed on it that is used as a dedicated server. We have the server set to PvP, which is mainly just for friends to be able to mess with each other. This is not intended to be a hardcore PvP server and bullying will not be tolerated. Anyone abusing offline raid protection will be removed from the server or put back into the stone thatch age. We run admin-created events decently often. Mega mazes, hidden loot boxes,
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