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  1. As griffins are super easy to find and get... why the tears?
  2. Dino Harvest Settings Wondering why it is I was able to collect corrupted hearts and wyvern claws by eating a corpse with my wyvern for about a week, and now it doesn't pick up those items, they now stay in a cache that decomposes in 12 seconds. Making it nearly impossible to get the hearts. And wyverns aren't dropping claws... how do they expect me to get the desert titan when it's not possible to gather the tribute?
  3. And Extinction dashboards at least two times within every 90 minute period. Climbing picks tend to erase you from existence. And plenty of other older things they don't seem to care to fix
  4. How bad do they have to be at development to not notice this beforehand? Especially when it was an issue on Rag. This on top of the never ending list of 5 year old issues they don't give two poops about makes this game a raptoring joke.
  5. Unaddressed issues Absolutely annoyed with several unaddressed issues with the game that they ignore while pumping out eh/broken content. First of all, I've seen clips that using the spyglass on PC as opposed to console is drastically better. The images and footage I've seen of PC the screen isn't 85% blacked out and only viewing through a small circle. WHY CAN'T CONSOLE GET A BETTER WAY TO SPYGLASS! It rarely ever is pointing at what you are trying to look at when you switch to it, the movement rate is junk so you almost can't try to catch up with a moving target. Then the worst was trying to view reaper queens while on the back of a rock drake. Every time I used the spyglass it rotated my view to look the opposite way and does the same on a few other mounts. Not to mention the dino body is in the way of scoping 98% of the time. FIX IT! but while that is still a problem since day one, you put out extinction that on average dashboards you at least 2 times every 90 minute cycle. So that you can log back in having died or nearly died from falling off your flying mount, and then the corrupted wildlife is all over you. AT THE VERY LEAST because of how common disconnection and dashboards still are, make it so when you load back in wild dinos don't detect you for X amount of time AFTER you have loaded in, can see, and can move. It's B.S. how many dinos I've lost or great gear I've lost because the game f'd up. Not to mention the 3 or 4 times now that using a climbing pick properly has resulted in "you died" and there being no corpse, therefore losing all items and cryo balled dinos. SUCH B.S. that they so sloppily put that mechanic in, make some maps where they expect you to use it like Aberration, but that's where it glitches and frigs up the most. But let's not address these things, instead let's make more maps and never fix a G.D. thing. Like how wonky rock drake movement is, it will work fine for so long and then when you are in a situation and need to move it suddenly doesn't want to glide, fails jumps, gets stuck on everything, clings to a surface and starts going opposite directions of where you tell it to go.... great work WC. But by all means, get us another map after this new one, ASAP because broken ass janky games are more fun when they screw up on like 15 different maps instead of just 4.
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