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  1. Allow Tek Generator to power wires There are many times that you cannot place a tek generator down due to it being "to close to an enemy foundation". How about allowing it to power cables to give us more flexibility if this won't be fixed? That way we still have the benefit of utilizing the tek generator when needing to place it further then needed.
  2. That's why he used UTC.... You can convert to your time zone from there.
  3. So when you all said that legacy would get all the new maps, but no support, what happened to that? New map looks really dope. I guess this is how you are going to get the people remaining on Legacy to move over? Why not just merge legacy pve servers with official?
  4. Pve legacy servers should not have been separate in the first place. I get why legacy pvp , but pve made no sense.
  5. Just like it was our choice to stay on legacy, it was also your choice to leave. If you aren't on legacy anymore, why does it matter to you if they stay or not?
  6. they didn't roll back? this crap messed up my giga imprint
  7. Enable putting Preserving Salt in Preserving Bins on Consoles Not sure why console players are not able to put preserving salt into preserving bins. I have been able to do so on PC. It would be nice to have this on console as well.
  8. the start one is the only one that needs to be connected. I have one bridge on rag that I only connected foundations to on one side, and they are still there a few days later when I log back in.
  9. Yeah, they have like a 12 hour despawn timer if they aren't connected to anything. You can connect foundations/ceilings to them. I have been able to do so. I also have been able to connect them to another tek bridge which gives them their full timer.
  10. This is why I shouldn't be up playing ARK 2 in the morning. This should have been obvious to me for how long I've played this game lol thanks dude. I will do that.
  11. Okay, I know there has to be a quicker way to transfer metal through a tek transmitter to another server. I can only upload a couple stacks at a time due to my weigh, and then once I finish those I have to wait through another cooldown to upload the next couple of stacks that I put in my inventory? Is there an easier way of doing this?
  12. it goes all up the hill. this is just a small section.
  13. This was done on a official server. There were a crap load more of them too lol
  14. @Jen @Chris Is this being looked into? Won't let me place near my own structures.
  15. not useless if you can still use its eggs. Don't see what people aren't understanding about that.
  16. wasn't really a challenge to begin with. just annoying waiting for eggs to drop.
  17. No I just meant on any map. I crafted my first one on ab, which was a hassle. i saw that it was a option in my current replicator. so I decided to try and make another one for extinction and it wouldn't allow me to. So I wasn't sure if it was intended or not, but from the sounds of it, it was intended that way I guess. I will transfer the materials to another sever and make it at one of the obi. Just think it's silly for it to show as craftable in the replicator but you cant actually make them.
  18. Why does the tek replicator show up as craftable in another tek replicator, but doesn't allow you to actually craft it? Is this a bug?
  19. on ps4 after you enabled the setting, you hold down the touch pad and you can see the timers for you structures.
  20. And if you're doing this on aberration, than you can find him on the surface.
  21. iirc wasn't there a group loot setting for doing dungeons? These would great benefit with a system like that.
  22. yep. I like. wonder if a tribe will try to split up and claim them all lol
  23. Even with all of the frustration of the game, I still love Ark. My. biggest issue was with the communication on what's going on. I'm glad that you all are finally trying to work on some of your promises, and keeping us updated. I think you guys should also think about having different balances for pve and pvp. Especially when it comes to buffing or nerfing dinos.
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