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  1. That's why he used UTC.... You can convert to your time zone from there.
  2. So when you all said that legacy would get all the new maps, but no support, what happened to that? New map looks really dope. I guess this is how you are going to get the people remaining on Legacy to move over? Why not just merge legacy pve servers with official?
  3. Pve legacy servers should not have been separate in the first place. I get why legacy pvp , but pve made no sense.
  4. Just like it was our choice to stay on legacy, it was also your choice to leave. If you aren't on legacy anymore, why does it matter to you if they stay or not?
  5. @Jen @Chris Is this being looked into? Won't let me place near my own structures.
  6. not useless if you can still use its eggs. Don't see what people aren't understanding about that.
  7. wasn't really a challenge to begin with. just annoying waiting for eggs to drop.
  8. iirc wasn't there a group loot setting for doing dungeons? These would great benefit with a system like that.
  9. yep. I like. wonder if a tribe will try to split up and claim them all lol
  10. Even with all of the frustration of the game, I still love Ark. My. biggest issue was with the communication on what's going on. I'm glad that you all are finally trying to work on some of your promises, and keeping us updated. I think you guys should also think about having different balances for pve and pvp. Especially when it comes to buffing or nerfing dinos.
  11. Have you been playing long? There are many issue with the current kibble system.
  12. it's been over a year and still no response.
  13. actually they said in one of the last digest that it is unlikely for now. it was one of the things they said they "might" do now, just like s+.
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