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  1. Hi, im currently on PVE-EU-PS4 OFFICIAL SERVER 828 For the last day or so it has had a ping off 255 making it unresponsive and unplayable as well as disconnects and loading in dead to find your other body where it was when dc happened. I now have 2 bodies, what should i do with the other? eat it or move it somewhere or will if fix itself. It looks like many other servers having the same issues i just wanted to know if any info is available as to what is happening. Also how could the update possibly be released today when the servers are is such bad state. kind regards, vale
  2. Yea PVE, would love to play PVP as its more my thing but being solo player i dont think i would get started anywhere.
  3. Thanks for the reply's, i have removed all other admins he added including my friend. made structures personal and dinos owner ridden and admin unclaim. ill give them the rest of the day to empty chests in his base and ill unclaim his dinos so he can take them. Then if they do not leave ill remove them and wait for the griefing im on pve so it will be limited to titano kiting etc Another question, are there any consequences of changing tribe name in tribe manager as i have seen some say they lost ownership when doing it ?.
  4. Hi all, i have been on Ark since release on ps4 pro, although been watching on youtube/ twitch since pc release and was looking forward to get it when i could. I joined a server and built a base and tamed a few dinos, a couple of weeks later a friend joined so we formed a tribe he invited me so he was tribe owner. After a couple of weeks he wanted to move to another part of the island so we went and found some land and he built a base there. i was initially planning on moving my tames there but decided i liked my starting place more. We carried on playing together but we had our own bases and dinos. He stopped playing regularly so i said to make me tribe leader as being in a tribe whos leader is hardly on is a pain and he did. He hasn't been on in 4 weeks so i was going to his base feeding dinos and keeping the structure timers from counting down. in that time i have tamed 130+ dinos farmed 1000s of metal and resources. Now last night he comes back onto server with a few others and invited them to tribe, telling me to pass back ownership and that i will have to unclaim dinos as were close to limit What i have said is no to unclaiming any dinos and no to passing back ownership of tribe as im the one who has put 100s of hours into it. i suggested he start a new tribe and we form an alliance but hes saying why should he have to start again building ect. the way i see it is his stuff would all have been gone by now but i have taking care of it for him. we formed the tribe together but im the only one who has been on every day for the last 4 months and feel i have put the work into my stuff that i want to be the owner of. Hes now said that he and others will leave tribe, i have removed him and others he added as admins as i do not even know the people and do want want to have strangers having access to my stuff. what would you do? sorry for long boring story, just wanted some feedback from others. cheers, vale.
  5. Why when you release an update does the game blue screen then dl and install update with no warning. this happened to me last night costing me mastercraft items, best ptera i had and loads of scorp kibble which took me a week to get the eggs for and so much more. there i was taming a 145 rex with kibble then bluescreen, 1.08 added to downloads. by the time i got back on all was lost. surely you can give a warning this is going to happen as basically my last 2 weeks worth of game time has been wasted due to this and the mastercraft items i had i may never get again. love ark but i hate you so much right now. thanks, vale