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  1. valethedoctor

    [PS4] [BUG] Manticore Skins - Removed? - Version 1.28

    Oh ok thanks for the info, i dl the patch before i left for work but have not tried it yet. what surprises will i get when i do get on?
  2. valethedoctor

    [PS4] [BUG] Manticore Skins - Removed? - Version 1.28

    was this fixed with latest patch?
  3. valethedoctor

    [PS4] [BUG] Manticore Skins - Removed? - Version 1.28

    Don't think you can get any since the patch Saturday, like all ps4 exclusive issues no one gives a poop from wc. spoke to sony who said if the advertised content is not available it would be false advertising and could request a refund.
  4. valethedoctor

    well it sounds like its raining....

    same here sounds of rain but no visual, tbh after the update friday it looked horrendous anyway
  5. valethedoctor

    [PS4] [BUG] Manticore Skins - Removed? - Version 1.28

    selling software with advertised content then removing the content breaks some terms and agreements somewhere i'm sure.
  6. valethedoctor

    [PS4] [BUG] Manticore Skins - Removed? - Version 1.28

    The manticore set was the only reason i purchased Ark as advertised, i obtained the set and now it has been stolen from me so can i get a refund for the removed content?
  7. valethedoctor

    [PS4] [BUG] Manticore Skins - Removed? - Version 1.28

    i would like to know too. manticore skins completely disappeared and are not received when killing bosses anymore.
  8. valethedoctor

    ARK: State of the Game

    Since the announcement that the current servers will become legacy and be segregated i have pretty much stopped playing. I cant see the point of playing on a server that has been put on death row and having no long term future. I play solo pve on ps4 and the struggle to get 197 tamed or bred dinos and build a nice base makes the idea of starting fresh a non starter. The server i play on at the time i'm posting this would usually have 50-60 players on currently has 19. I have spoken to allot of the others on my server and they feel the same way that its pretty much a waste of time doing anything.
  9. valethedoctor

    So who is excited then?

    not excited here, more a feeling of doom. why? spent 9 months building up characters that are going to be segregated off like 3rd class citizens on the 8th. no interest to start again at all on new servers.
  10. Staying on legacy but now my character and dinos will be segregated off they feel devalued to the point i am losing interest altogether. i have no interest to spend another 9 month's getting to the same point i am at now on a new server either. probably time to move on and play something new.
  11. valethedoctor

    EU pve 828 unplayable

    828 is rolling back every 10 mins now, spent 3 hrs doing the same thing over and over. please get some decent servers i am sure your player base deserves better than this waste of time
  12. valethedoctor

    No Ambient Sounds on PS4

    Sane here no ambient sound. all the background noise that made the different biomes feel alive is very quiet or completely gone.
  13. valethedoctor

    Tame animals starving

    ill reply mate, i have not had this issue personally so cant be much help. what type of server or single player? what did you put in trough?
  14. valethedoctor

    Ps4 game freezes

    this has also started happening to me. started a week ago and seems to do it at random times usually at the worst possible time. up until last week all was fine, in the last 7 days has happened 4 or 5 times now. im on ps pro